View Full Version : Any chance of a Navel Battle demo?

29th Jul 2005, 23:49
Im getting the game next week probably, but im not sure if my PC can run navel battles :mad:

Someone with pretty much the same specs as me cant, very minimum specs...

So is there any chance of trowing out a navel demo, i dont know how this stuff works but you can get something as small as that on the net fast cant you??
Anyway it will help alot with the sales of the games co all the R:TW fans seem to love the fact you can controle the sea battles, and it is a really cool factor of the game...

So with my very low specs do you think it will run it? Do they need more power for navel battles? Or is this just a "one off"?

Thanks :thumbsup:

30th Jul 2005, 00:32
No sign of a naval demo. I don't expect they will ever release one.

31st Jul 2005, 19:28
with my specscan i run the navel tho..

1.2 gigs

256 ram

celeron proc...

ATI radeon 9200 SE


31st Jul 2005, 19:42
Yeah it does, but probably you need to run the game on some lower settings.

31st Jul 2005, 22:19
Good cos im really lokking forward to navel battles, do you know why someone else cant run them. Some guy called sharpe cant??

So how much more power does it take??

And will setting the priority to high help the performance alot?

31st Jul 2005, 23:50
I really think it is very likely the Radeon 9200SE. Getting an X550 on Tuesday, will post if it fixes problem or not.