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27th Jul 2005, 20:42
ok i just got the game and im psyched but thier is a problem....
1. wich is the CD-ROm disc and wich is the DVD disc? or are all 3 discs for a CD-ROM, also i got two white surfaced discs wich i am assuming are instalation discs? and then the bigger problem is
2. the drive wont read the disc ive tried all 3 discs, but the bottom of th eone with the actuall picture of it on it on hte bottom is all kinda scaratched up i guess from being put on top of the other 2 discs wich i think was a big mistake that edios and pyro made...but that isnt the problem should i return the disc for a new copy? or is thier a fix for this?

27th Jul 2005, 20:59
well it looks like i will be returning htis game for a new copy tommrow, and if that dosent work then i wont be buying another product from either of these companys considering they dont even know hot to box a 2 disc set...hoenstly people who stacks the cds? that is just waiting for cratches like my disc...fresh out of the fragging box

27th Jul 2005, 22:16
If its a DVD disk, and you have a cd rom drive it wont pick it up...

Put it in the DVD drive or get thr game with PC CD Rom written on it, if there is one for CD rom, im not sure....

27th Jul 2005, 22:24
on the box it says PC CD ROM software, so me thinks that it is for the pc, but ithink the disc is messed up...i still cant belive they did that and stacked the discs..

27th Jul 2005, 22:30
Are you sure that you have a CD rom drive not a DVD??

27th Jul 2005, 22:51
absolutley positive i made the mistake of buying BFME in the DVD format, also instead of getting the DVD driver i opted for the CD burner so i know i dont have a dvd drive :(

27th Jul 2005, 23:26
Take it back and get a repacment, it nothing software...

Just have to wait to play it like me :(

27th Jul 2005, 23:35
well from what i heard from some friends who have tried, bassicly wal mart will tell you once the wrapping is off its yours...so i might go to EB games and see what i can get along with trading in some other games....oh well a hit and a miss