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27th Jul 2005, 15:42
Hey all! I've had a look around but can't find what I'm after so thought I'd post here. Is there a mod or a mod in the making that makes all troops under your command wear your empire's uniforms? I would have thought a country you annexe would either willingly wear your uniform of have it forced upon them (if they were conquered). Would stop forces looking 'messy' too and look more 'uniform'.

Thanks in advance. :)

5/77 Armd
27th Jul 2005, 16:43
It was very common in this era for units (even from a common nation) to wear vastly different uniforms.

Two British regiments wore green instead of the traditional red (Napoleonic era.) American Loyalist regiments serving the British Army wore green as well. In the late 1600s or early 1700s there was even one or two British infantry regiments (not artillery) that wore blue!

Many French regiments up until about 1808 or so still wore the white uniforms of the Royal French Army because of uniform shortages. French Dragoons typically wore green and their Polish Lancers had their own uniforms. The Hussars were probably the most varied; with Hussar Regiments organic to the same country wearing every color imaginable.

Regardless of nation, many regimental commanders had a great deal of input as to what the regimental uniform would look like. They would certainly have guidlines to follow, but many times these guidelines were either overlooked or completely ignored.

I kind of like the varied uniforms personally! As Britain fighting a battle, I can immediately identify my Swedish and Spanish battalions. After the Napoleonic era, uniforms started to become much more homogenous. The Crimean War was perhaps the last hurrah of elegantly clad soldiers. After this point, warfare became much more drab as well as practical. I believe the last time the British Army wore their red tunics was Rorke's Drift? (Correct me if I'm wrong,) I think after that point the British army in South Africa (and perhaps elsewhere) adopted a khaki uniform.

27th Jul 2005, 16:53
I actually love seeing the different nations fighting under the same flag in their own uniforms. It was really the way things were done. See Napoleons Italian regiments for example.

27th Jul 2005, 17:10
I like it as is. I rationalize that the minors aren't actually annexed, but are just under my influence. So they retain their flag (in the unit box) and uniforms.

27th Jul 2005, 19:13
Khaki; the Hindi for “dusty” from the Persian khak – dust or earth.

The widely accepted origin of the khaki uniforms is during the Sikh Wars in India from 1845 until around 1850. Hindu guides to British troops showed how the soliders could be less visible by covering their red tunics in mud and dust. The uniforms remained red on the whole until the Boer Wars (although most regiments that remained in India adopted khaki), when snipers were taking a huge toll on British light troops - their red uniforms making easy targets.

Anyway, back on topic - I think that peacefully annexed countries who, as Queeg stated aren't actually "assimilated", should keep their unique uniforms and standards, but I think that forcibly captured countries should recruit troops in the empire's colours.

Mister Nock
28th Jul 2005, 07:57
An Empire would have been unlikely to be able to afford to give new uniforms to all of the new troops. It's more historically correct the way it is, nations worn there own uniforms, the portugeese fighting under the command of the British in the peninsular war did not wear British red coats.

In answer to your question Angelus, I don't think there is a mod to make them all wear the same uniforms, and to be honest, I don't think there will ever be one, I love the array of colours in my battle lines. :D

29th Jul 2005, 12:19
Fair enough. Thanks for the imput guys! I didn't know about things like uniform shortages etc, and it does make sense units from other countries would wear their own uniforms. I guess I just love my redcoats too much, but the mixed uniforms don't bother me. Just glad its realistic! :)

Thanks again.

31st Jul 2005, 08:47
I actually love seeing the different nations fighting under the same flag in their own uniforms. It was really the way things were done. See Napoleons Italian regiments for example.

i mean doesnt it look so much better when you are controling troops from differant countries and they are wearing thier own uniforms
it gives u a sense that u can control the minor countries.

but i never know what country they come from later in the game coz i have so many so they should " have the imperial flag filling most of the flag Eg: uk austia prussia france, then russia and in the corner they should have there native county,"

" ;) that way u can at least see which empire they belong to and also what provence"

31st Jul 2005, 21:39
yah i like how the uniforms had different colors as well adds alot of realism of the era it was true that troops from the different countries wore different unfiroms but with some universal similarities of their empire since it was cheaper to modify the uniforms then to buy 100,000 men new expensive uniforms etc there were also political reasons as well.