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the zwickau prophet
27th Jul 2005, 14:49
I have just picked up the official strategy guide for IG and even though I have done little more than just flick through it at present, I must say I am quite pleased. Primarily because it includes handy tips and strategies on diplomacy and resources and completing quests as well as advice for playing each of the five major nations. In short, it seems to be much more than a list of statistics for each unit etc (though they have that too). The fact that Brady Games wrote and published it seems to have made all the difference. I have all three official strategy guides for the Total war games and the only decent one was that for Medieval Total War - produced by Brady Games!! The ones for both Shogun and Rome were published by Prima and are little more than overpriced lists of stats, so I just wanted to say - good choice Eidos.

In case you are wondering, I got it via Amazon.co.uk under their 'new and used' list. New copy - £8.71 (though sadly plus £2.75 P&P) via 'the Book Depository' - good swift service and delivery.

31st Jul 2005, 21:46
Bah best stradagy guides are user made or better yet your own guide :)

1st Aug 2005, 13:15
Bah best stradagy guides are user made or better yet your own guide :)

i so agree with u or writen by a vet but other wise they are pretty basic stratiges, with yiur own u can get round other tactics


the zwickau prophet
1st Aug 2005, 18:57
Well each to his own Zeroh and Southpark, my main point was, if you are going to produce an official strategy guide (as most game developer's inevitably do) then I think Brady games produce far more informative ones than Prima. I have no problems reading user authored strategy guides also - I play many of the Paradox interactive games - Europa Universalis 2, Hearts of Iron 2, Victoria and Crusader Kings - and their official manuals are generally so poor that I always rely on player submitted strategies.

1st Aug 2005, 20:11
like u said each to his own m8 im not deriving u :)