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27th Jul 2005, 02:21
I just got the game yesterday, and finished all the tutorials including the battle of Waterloo. So I start out as Great Brittain, and get the ball rolling, working on economy and army, and then it comes to my first engagement. I have a force of two line inf., one light inf., one 6 pound batt. and one reg. of hussars, all up against 2 or 3 batts. of french militia and one reg. of fusiliers. I possition my forces to crisson my first campaign battle, the enemy advances and I unlimber the guns. Now I guess my two lines (one in front of the other) of line inf. were too close to the batt., and when the big guns opened fire, they wiped out a very sizable chunk of my lines by shooting them all in the back! As a result, it was a pain just stopping the militia without exposing my guns. I still won with a cav. charge against the french fusilier (which didnt go so well either), but it wasnt exactly how I wanted to start my empire off. So what should I do as far as cannon go? are 6 and 12 pounders as good as howitzers in the game? Because Im just not sure I want to use the unparabolic guns any more. :mad:

27th Jul 2005, 10:44
you need to place your unparabolic guns on some kind of elevation, or if no such elevation exists, just leave a few holes in your lines for your cannons :)

Wiltshire Tony
27th Jul 2005, 11:32
I usually have a column of cavalry placed behind my cannon so that they can repel any attack on the guns. Also if your infantry are being run at by Militia I make them form square formation (only possible if you have completed the necessary tech advance). Militia don't like square for some reason?
If you are the Brits try rockets.

31st Jul 2005, 09:06
yer the pounder cannons are a right pain in the arse, and as a result of this they dont last very long, but they are soo much better against infantry, they walked in colloum against me and my pounders cut ranks out of the lines, next thing when they ingage u they tend to bunch if this is the case get your men to shoot directly at them along with the cannon, the infantry can cill more than one person with the same volley coz the enemy are bunched up

this also works both ways if you order all your battalions to engage one perticular they will automaticly bunch up coz the enemy has this certain battalion,

so be sure to number groups of your infanftry so that this one battlaion doesnt take out 2 of yours



31st Jul 2005, 10:54
but i dont like it when my 6th or 12th pounders get placed behind my infantry and they fired........NASTY!........i see my own men falling by the 5's.........that is why i dont like to use the 6th or 12th pounders. if i have to, i place them in front of my infantry so they dont hit them, then when the enemy comes close i move them backward. i prefer congreve rockets cause' they dont fire straight! (they're almost like mortars!) :D