View Full Version : Grapical Glitch..

27th Jul 2005, 01:55
I have a problem with the demo of IG.

Its a texture problem i think, when a cannonball lands instead of leaving a creater hole it just leaves a big black square?

My grapics gard is an ATI radion 9200 pro..

How can i fix this, will it be in a the main game when i get it? If so will someone please tell me how to remove the creater affect.


27th Jul 2005, 21:48
Can someone please help....

27th Jul 2005, 23:34
I would say update your drives Catalyst seems to have issues with the game, but the newest drivers work for me and others on here. you can get the newest driver at www.ati.com

28th Jul 2005, 00:02
I have the lates driver....

If this cant be fixed, all i want to know is if i can turn this effect off???

Mister Nock
28th Jul 2005, 07:48
Possibly that texture file is corrupt or missing, try reinstalling, (choose the "repair" option if there is one.)

28th Jul 2005, 22:44
Deleted the installer :mad:

O well, if it in the game when i get it ill remove the effect, if its possible??