View Full Version : Too Many Loading Screens

Soryn Arkayn
25th Jul 2005, 00:17
I don't like all the loading screens in the game, especially in relation to battles.

I admit that when I first started playing there were battles I replayed because they didn't go well -- I either did something stupid (like my ship wandered off the map) or there was a bug (one of my ships sank for no reason), so I loaded a saved game and replayed it. But the problem is that combat only occurs at the end of turn, so you fight, and then you have to wait for the AI countries to make their moves before you can do anything. If the battle went wrong for whatever reason, I don't want to have to wait for all that -- especially because if you're at war you might have to fight multiple battles that turn, so it could take forever to get through them, when all I want to do is load an earlier saved game.

So here are my suggestions:

1) Allow us to save the game in a pre-battle pop-up window. Like when you're shown the units involving in the coming battle and are given the option to fight the battle yourself, let the AI determine the outcome, or retreat, there should be a fourth option to save the game. That way, if you have to, you can reload the battle instead of reloading a saved game, ending the turn, and going through everything again.

2) You shouldn't have to end the turn to fight a battle. If your units are in the same land/sea space as the enemy's, you shouldn't have to wait until your turn is over to fight them. You might have to delay a decision (like deploying reserve armies or training new units) until the battle is resolved, and I'd prefer not have to wait until the next turn to do that. Let us click the enemy unit R:TW-style or something like that to attack during our turn.

3) Allow us to interrupt pre-battle windows and the AI's turn to call up the menu to load a game or exit or whatever. I hate having to wait to auto-resolve battle and for the AI to complete their turns before I can load a game.

4) There should be a Quick Save and Load Button, as well as shortcut keys to the Save and Load list menus.

5) Allow us to load a game during a battle. If I want to load a saved game I don't want to have to Quit/Surrender, endure the loading screen back to the Strat-Map, and then all the other things before I can reload.

Mister Nock
25th Jul 2005, 09:49
If something goes drastically wrong, you don't have to play out all the other battles that turn, just auto-resolve them all, wait for the AI players to take their turns, (auto-resolving any attacks they make on you,) then load the game. No loading screens apart from the one when your loading your saved game.

I often make such mistakes as you, and end up loading a previous game, but now I've started trying to live with my mistakes; Boney couldn't replay Waterloo could he? So try living with the mistakes and see where it gets you. Yes, it will be harder, but also more fun. ;)