View Full Version : Renaming Ships

Soryn Arkayn
24th Jul 2005, 23:58
I'd like to have the option of renaming my ships. Some of the ship names are okay, but some are strange or inappropriate.

It's not an urgent change, I know, but I figure if ships are going to have names than why not allow the player to decide what those names should be?

Mister Nock
25th Jul 2005, 09:53
I've also wondered about this, but there are more pressing issues regarding gameplay that need to be sorted out. Aesthetics can wait.

25th Jul 2005, 09:55
do u think we can change it by going into the IG folder?

25th Jul 2005, 16:21
i just don't like it when it runs out of its short list of names and starts putting 'II' or 'III' etc. after names.