View Full Version : Is the game A.I STUPID OR SMART ?

zero ai
23rd Jul 2005, 22:54
I have played this great game to a finish twice at once easy and second on medium difficulty ,and the computer A.I NEVER ACTS THE SAME,some times it is really stupid E.G.British/Spanish invasion of 3 unaccompanied cannons against my 2 line Infantry...i ran at them,stopped,lined up and shot them to bits as they kept wheeling the cannons toward me not even stopping to fire at me....dumb and dead.Then many times the A.I IS SMART racing cavalry to hold a bridge to allow the main force to catch up,or placing units in buildings and waiting for u while the clock ticks down against you. :confused:

24th Jul 2005, 00:04
That's one of the things I like most about this game. When I was learning the game, I would set up a Quick Battle and then fight it several times. I saw the AI adopt very different tactics each time. Some were very smart, some were stupid. But each was different. Just like humans.

24th Jul 2005, 03:18
Yeah, I noticed in the demo that I would win the dessert map twice, then lose once or twice, and then win again. The AI executes different tactical formations and everything. I find the AI's adaptability very important in deciding to buy a game. Also, Zero, isn't there a way to capture enemie arty units? :o

24th Jul 2005, 19:56
In battles they can cause you alot of damage, but thats because there aint moral. So i cant really say anything against the AI in battles?
But on the campaign map they are very good imo.
Exemple, i as russia builded a large armie, wary of austria and the other empires i made an allience with sweden, then invaded poland.
Killed poland and expanded my military even more, press end turn.
Austria made a coalition with the ottoman empire, that small country right to them and Prussia attacked too.
Can you imagine that? In 1 turn i actually had 9 armies in my territory! I had to restart that game.
They attack, make alliences , coalitions and gather rescourses very good imo.
They know every part of diplomacy to.
Only point of critic is that they almost never get elite units.

25th Jul 2005, 12:50
yeah on the battlefield the ai isnt that smart its not dumb either though i have seen the ai take up positions on hill etc but its still quite fualty on the battle map and sometimes make stupid charges
on the stradagy map though is where this game shines the ai will make alliances attack where your weak, move troops to borders, make alliances etc. The ai on the strategic map is quite superb though some tweaks would be nice