View Full Version : how do I make a commercial treaty and what does it do?

23rd Jul 2005, 10:05
I just got the full game yesterday, looking at diplomacy options I have a commercial treaty option. if I click on a country it says they will accept it, but the send button is always greyed out, do I start with it already? I am trading with some nations, or does it do something better than standard trade? the tutorial was weak and even the manual does not talk about the option, all others but not the commercial treaty. I must be doing something wrong because did not see others with the question.

Thanks for any help

23rd Jul 2005, 10:16
The trade you do in the diplomacy screen is trading of resources you can also create trade routes to improve revenues,land and sea routes have 3 levels.
You simply click on the country you want to trade with and make an offer.

24th Jul 2005, 12:12
You have to set what you want to trade
(Gold, Resources, Food)

and what you want from them
(Gold, Resources, Food)

[also the little message will say how likely they are to agree or disagree with your treaty]

If you trade gold you can get anything else, if you trade other two, you can only get gold.