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23rd Jul 2005, 03:21
I have a few questions about the game the reason for this is cause I am currently pondering what game I should get. This our Sid Meiers Pirates!. The main thing thats got my attention about IG is the navy battles i know they can be hard as most people said but I will love that the most. Can you play online with ship battles? Are they realistic? Basically I would appreciate much information on the naval battles as possible.

23rd Jul 2005, 12:14
naval battles are full or annoying bugs fella, but still fun in there own rite. They are not realsitic but is a enjoyable experiance esp when your playing online.

The SP part tends to be easy imho and the only challenge comes form being outnumbered 3 -1 :( . The map is small and the ships are too fast. The cannon fire is abit on the weak side too.

But all in all its good to see a game like this actually having ship battles instead of by passing them :)

23rd Jul 2005, 14:57
While I love the idea of ship battles in IG they just don't work in their current form due to the speed of gameplay and the "falling off the edge of the map" problem - it is just poorly implemented. I would advise you go with SMP at the moment as you will enjoy the naval battles far more in that game until IG is fixed - hopefully with the next patch. If you want the best looking/implemented naval battles at the moment I would get a copy of Pirates of the Carribbean and patch it with the latest 12.1 community mod - the sea battles in that game will not be beaten until Pirates of the Burning Sea comes out this Winter - go to the Pirates Ahoy website for the patch and more info.

25th Jul 2005, 15:05
*nods* Although I love S.M.s Pirates. Partly for sentimental reasons. The ship battles ( especialy the boarding) are best in Pirates of the caribbean.
Damn hard and very fast paced, sometimes you have to fight your way down through the ship taking multiple decks to capture it.