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22nd Jul 2005, 17:45
Lara is reinvented on the Xbox
Written By: Ian Collen

She is a real person. To many people in videogame circles, Lara Croft is real. Developers work with her and fans have her poster on their wall, following her adventures like they'd follow a pop career. She is Kylie Minogue with a pistol tucked into those tight pants, but Lara Croft hasn't been looking her best for some time now.

She first captured the hearts and minds of gamers back in 1996 and, after a glorious end to the 20th Century, it looked as if there was no place she could go where she wouldn't save the day and make someone's week, topping the charts and setting sales records worldwide. However, a long vacation was followed by the utterly disappointing Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness two years ago and things weren't looking good for the woman who put the T and A into treasure.

Two films of questionable quality might not have done her many favours (though it did put Angelina Jolie in a swimsuit, and that gets a big thumbs up from us) but in Tomb Raider: Legend, Lara has gone back to her roots to rediscover the key elements that made her a gaming icon all those years ago - and we're looking at what could be her best adventure yet. Best of all, this one-time PlayStation plaything will be swinging her pants on the Xbox for the first time.

The years have seen adjustments to the look and style of the series, often for the better but a few times just for the sake of it. Unpopular stealth options weighed down the gameplay and visuals seemed to concentrate as much on Lara's arse as on the surrounding area. So, by the time Lara returned after a three-year absence in Angel Of Darkness in 2003, she was showing her first openly criticised signs of ageing. The key for Tomb Raider: Legend seems to be to return to those happier, early days in order to reinvigorate the franchise for the modern market. The result is something that looks and feels like a sharper, faster and gloriously high-resolution Xbox upgrade of Lara in her prime.

A new developer has been recruited in Crystal Dynamics, a company loaded with experience in third-person adventures such as the Soul Reaver series, renowned for great action and stunning visuals. Crystal Dynamics acknowledged that the Tomb Raider franchise may have lost its edge and threw itself into months of consumer research. The old games were played and replayed, reviews and criticisms were analysed and, perhaps most importantly, the gamers themselves were asked what they wanted to see; as long as it didn't involve indecent acts, Crystal Dynamics has listened and responded with a game that looks both fresh and familiar.

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Sophia Leigh
23rd Jul 2005, 11:19
Thanks Trinity34, generally well written, although I didn't realy like some comments, especially "In the nicest possible way, Lara is a media wh*r*" :mad:

23rd Jul 2005, 14:08
Funny how the press tends to blame whoever is making the game for making an overdone character, in sexy attributes, when the ones writing about it are those who can't take sex out of their narrative to begin with... :rolleyes:

26th Jul 2005, 04:52
interesting article, i dont know why, but it always upsets me when i see "lara, bigger and better on the xbox" or "laras new home is on xbox" maybe im just biased since ive owned my playstaion all these years, but to me, laras home will always be where she first started pc/playstation. lol. kind of irrelevant post but i had to say it.