View Full Version : Gta Is Busted!!!!!

21st Jul 2005, 17:34
I go upstairs after chillin fer a while nd read the headlines of my newspapers nd what do i see first.."GTA FOR ADULTS ONLY"....so i read the article...it seems GTA is finally being pulled off shelves after they have found there is a mod to release the sexual elements of the game....so..they are pulling GTA off the shelves completely until it is re-done and covered up a lil.....it is now going to be rated AO.."adults only"..which sum stores deny to sell....bad news folks....they may find sumthin with 25tl to "tone it down a lil..nd delay it even more"...or it may get a rating of AO :eek: ...instead of mature...which is 17 nd up....now i AM worried.... :eek: ....lets hope that they don't change this game at all and that 25tl will be unaffected nd aloud to be what it truly is!

21st Jul 2005, 17:50
Yeah I read about this earlier its 'Action Replay's fault for getting it popular

23rd Jul 2005, 02:29
i saw the sex mod in action, the people who passed the agreement to pull it .

are idiots i mean damn if you see the sex seen its nothing to go balisitic over.

crazy cholo
24th Jul 2005, 23:28
In The Scene All U Can See Is Ass

28th Jul 2005, 06:25
haha thats great but sucks for the little ones :D