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19th Jul 2005, 18:53
What naval tactics do yall use? if any

I absolutely love naval warfare and am hugely into the Royal Navy(depsite being american and all)

I try to use the "pierceing the T" in the way Nelson and St. Vincent did it in History. Essentially forming a line perpendicular to the enemy and pumping broadsides into them as i pass.

unfortunatly the game has some huge bugs in the naval battles along with its other bugs. THey are -

1. ships tack(change course) to easily way to easily

2. ships move tooooo fast. i can even get 2 broadsides into the enemy as i "pierce the T". THiS also causes bug 5 to be more apparent

3. Broadsides dont do enough damage

4. I should be able to rake the enemy(use grapeshot) and then board as the enemy crew is at half complement

5. Ships fall of the map

feel free to add to this list and to discuss tactics
id be happy to explain what i meant with some of the stuff i jus said also

additionally i can explain things u may want to know on history of naval warfare in the "Age of Sail" aka "Age of Nelson"

id also try to take an opportunity to thank Eidos for the effort to put naval warfare into the game. Good job guys !
ps- please dont post things like "oh naval battle sux, IG sux blah blah". Anyone who has played the TW games knows IG sux atm. Wait for the patch and then make a final decision.

19th Jul 2005, 19:26
my fav tactic for the naval battle is just to do some damage with roundshot then go in for grape and close for the capture, i dont see the point in sinking them unless i am getting battered.

I do like the wind guage effect on the ships, although I think that the naval combat can jump speeds at times which when your lining up for a killer broadside or a nice little boarding moment isnt nice.

20th Jul 2005, 21:28
Pause button, and maybe larger maps, and the ability to set waypoints for ships to follow would be a blessing.

Soryn Arkayn
24th Jul 2005, 23:40
I'm not sure what Olaf meant by point 5) Ships fall of the map.

Are you referring to ships wandering out of the battle map and leaving combat? Or are you referring the far more frustrating BUG* (I hope it's a bug, anyway) where your ships suddenly sink for no reason (it doesn't matter if they're undamaged or partially damaged).

Regarding ships leaving the battle map, I think there should be a "boundary buffer zone" on the boarder of the battle map that if you cross it will pause combat and a window prompt will pop up asking if you want the ship to leave the battle or not. If not, then the ship will be steered around (by the AI) to point where it left and return to the battle map. It would take the appropriate amount of time for the ship to return and you wouldn't have control of the ship while it's out of bounds, so there wouldn't be a tactical advantage to doing this. This change should solve the frustration of losing a ship because it drifted out of bounds when you weren't paying attention, which frequenctly occurs in naval battles with lots of ships.

Naturally, there should be the option to pause, slow, and speed up the game speed (this goes for land battles too). And you should be permitted to select units and issue orders while the game's paused.

I admit that I'm not an expert in Napolean Era naval combat, but I have seen the movie Master & Commander, so I know that a warship's stern is its most vulnerable area, so I think this should be reflected in how much damage the ship takes. Also, I think that cannon balls should inflict casualties on the crew (not just grape shot) and impair the ship's steering (when directed at the rudder), as they should realistically.

I don't know if this is reflected in the battle accuracy or whatever, but I've noticed that the cannon batteries don't fire in the order that they should. What I mean is if two opposing ships are closing head-on, their cannons should fire in sequence from bow-to-stern as they pass each other, not stern-to-bow, because most of them would fire before the other ship's hull was in their line-of-fire, which doesn't make any sense. The same goes for other situations, so that the cannons fire in sequence as dictated by the ship's position in relation to its target. Now if the cannons' firing out of sequence doesn't actually effect their accuracy, than this is a moot point -- nevertheless, it should be correctly simulated in the game.

There should be an audio and/or visual warning if ships are going to collide. There should be a coloured bar (sort of like for a ship's line of fire) showing the ship's course so you can see if the path of two or more ships are going to intersect. As for the audio warning, the crew should yell a warning if they're in danger of colliding with either an enemy or friendly ship.

You should be able to select ships by clicking on them in the mini-map, rather than having to click their icons, because if one of your ships is wandering off the map, you don't have time to click on them all to select it.

27th Jul 2005, 05:58
good to hear frm yall


hmm so you hit them with round to damage the hull and then grape them?

does IG reward a player for doing that? starting that fire on the ships, by making the ships less manouvrable etc...

@ Soryn

haha.. Master and COmmander was utter sweetness :D

Although i havent read them. THe movie is said to be based on the fictional series of books about Captain Jack Aubrey(Russel Crowe) and his pal Dr. Maturin(the other guy, lol) by a guy named Patrick O BRian

i also strongly reccomend you to watch this TV series that comes on A&E/Biography channel, called Horatio Hornblower. very similar to what was going on in MAster and Commander. get the DVDs if you dont have A&E.

and even better still read the Horatio HOrnblower series. Its written by CS Forester. Id also reccomend his Non-Fiction book - Age of FIghting Sail about the Naval battles in the War of 1812. British Author.

back to IG.
yes I also agree with the general concerns about controls. THe pasue button would help ease the problem. BUt better controls is ALWAYS the better and a more realistic solution.

Yes SOryn you make 2 valid points, which I will go ahead and too my list

6. Ships artillery dont fire in correct order. We have a suspicion that it does not effect the direction of the cannon balls. If it doesnt, it should and the order of fire should be fixed.

7. The point at which the ship is hit does not at all effect the damage done to the ship. Not 100% on this next part but what you were sayin is that that roundshot should also effect ships crew and manouvrability of ship.

the last one is very hard to implement. so we shouldnt hope for too much on that account.

A warning sign that ships are about to collide sounds somewhat ok but I didnt add it since I felt collision was huge part of the battle back then. I personally would like the ability of ships to change course made harder. But I would also like to have ships slow down. This would result in some very intersting battles instead of cat and mouse chases around the map.

27th Jul 2005, 15:10
I have an original script from Master and Commander that I got from my friend who was in the film! lol

IG: My ships are often in the centre of the battle map, about 3/4 mins after returning from the boundary line and THEN they disappear! That is surely a bug.

29th Jul 2005, 12:24
Read the Aubrey/Maturin series of novels by Patrick O'Brian. There are 20 books and the film 'Master and Commander' is based on a few of the books.