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19th Jul 2005, 13:14
I was experimenting with restoring battalions (w/o millitary hospitals) and I may have stumbled onto a tactic to raise exp, albeit slowly.
First, take your Kapitaan, with 3 Battalions of infantry. They number 40, 52, and 34. They all have 3 exp points. If you roll the units together, you will notice that the 40 and 52 person battalions each reach 60, but the 34 will be down to 6. So now, they number 60, 60, and 6. Next, take a fresh unit and re-supply the 6. The exp rounds up, so now you have 60 more troops at 2 exp. I kept doing this, making sure I had full battalions, and very weakened ones before resupply. My troop exp was pretty high, with some level 2 battalions by the end of the 1st era.

-Any thoughts?

19th Jul 2005, 13:22
Found out that you could merge units only late into first campaign, never looked at that though usealy just disbanded the rump units.

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19th Jul 2005, 13:27
Vorster, you can merge units right off the bat! I was merging units in about the fourth month after some early battles. The units have to be the same type and nationality. You can only heal units with autocratic government late in the second era with military hospitals.

@TokyoBreakfast, I use the same methods, I try not to disband units (I usually have a slue of them in the barracks waiting for military hospitals or the Bolivar quest). The thing is, when you are merging a green unit into a veteran unit, their experience gets diluted. Sometimes their experience disappears, sometimes it only goes down a little, it all depends on how many green troops are brought into the veteran unit.

19th Jul 2005, 16:19
hmmm... I thought that the exp was a direct average between the two units, not a sliding average. I'm still new, so mabey I haven't experimented enough. The scenario I painted was a real one, though. I had a battalion down to 1 guy and 5xp before, and when merged with 59 and 0xp, the overall had 3 xp. Mabey exp works in mysterious ways? Thanks for the info!