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18th Jul 2005, 13:51
i was just thinking, and the amount of maps available on ig is pitifully low, and it makes it very hard for anyone to fight through a campaign as they cannot find a map appropriate to fit a battle.

i mean, say that i wanted to do a succession of quick battles that would be the peninsular war, it would mean that i would have to do the battles of Salamanca, Fuentes de Onoro, Talavera, Madrid, etc... on the same map (the big middle one in spain, ive forgotten what its called.. Also this stands for the waterloo campaign, there were 4 battles in that one piece of the campaign map (batavaria, i think) Ligny, Quatre Bra, Wavre, and Waterloo.

Im sure there are more like this, well i know there are more in Northen Portugal, the battles of Vimeiro, Oporto, and also the retreat from Oporto by a small Portugese army.

It seems a shame that these very interesting battles were not accomodated for, or maybe included in the historical battles.

Does anyone share this sentiment?

Mister Nock
18th Jul 2005, 19:02
You are absolutely right, if it were more like R:TW then there would be a different map generated for each tiny piece of campiagn map. BUT the IG maps are much better, there are all the details such as buildings and forests to hind in etc. that would be lost if the maps were generated the same way as in R:TW. And to create as many maps as there were battles (plus possible battles, coz remember, the gamer is recreating history and there might be battle at places that there were'nt in real life) would take up sooo much disk space.

In my oppion both games have their good and bad points with regard to this aspect.

18th Jul 2005, 21:30
Of course someone mentioned that this game was more Manual than most games out at this time, so creating home-made maps, seems extremely difficult to think about.