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18th Jul 2005, 10:23
Hi Anyone here know the storyline of the new TR game please let me know cuz I have no clue and I can't stand not knowing. PLEASE HELP! :)

Sophia Leigh
18th Jul 2005, 11:16
Noone knows an actual story line yet but we do know that there will be someone from Lara's past and that the AOD storyline will not be continued. For information on the game's story just read the threads of this forum ;)

18th Jul 2005, 15:27
Welcome to the forum AOD karloty. :)

20th Jul 2005, 14:01
personally I think Natla is the most likely ressurected opponent
It would be rather tacky if they say

poof Von croy is alive again that last game was just a dream

20th Jul 2005, 15:04
For what I could understand from the E3, it is a new "old" enemy. Someone from a past that we have yet to experience. Natla flails no more and Werner is being eaten by worms.
Personally I really hope they will ressurect the story of AOD.

20th Jul 2005, 16:04
That won't happen on this game, though.

20th Jul 2005, 19:26
That won't happen on this game, though.

It must be revived! It want's to live! Though I'm not a fan of Kurtis, I still would like to know what happened to him. And let's not forget the probable adventures deep down some tombs in Turkey - it does sound intriguing. :eek:

20th Jul 2005, 20:53
I share your opinion, and I even like Kurtis very much, but it's official they won't be continuing AOD's saga, at least not on Legend. Maybe one day they'll let it out. :)

21st Jul 2005, 08:16
I for one don't really want to know too much. It would spoil the fun of finding out the storyline for myself.

I for one hope that it has some unexpected plot-twists.
Makes it more interesting that way.