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17th Jul 2005, 18:12
i was britain i had taken over most of europe but i still had to take over prussia and france i had a huge army and out of no were my food started goin down at a fast rate i had had the food at its maximum so i got desperate to get food and lanuched a desperate attack against france to take over all its territorys but cause i did not plan it the bulk of my army was wiped out and prussia bein frances ally attack the rear of my invasion force and the AI started dischargeing some of my troops i won a few battles against france and prussian but they wore me down and i was forced to retreat the whole of my invasion force was wiped out as i had no substaintle force in my terroritories the french invade and captured a few territories the prussians did the same and invade my teritories in russia and austria my empire had been cut in half and i had no real army i was screwed can anyone help me????????

17th Jul 2005, 19:19
Use punctation please!

Few hints:

- Store all the armies that are not active in a barracks
- Buy alot of food
- There is a quest that your armie will not eat for 12 months ( or 1 year )

Always try to get alot of reserve food.
I had 40000 food, all is going down but i could hold it for atleast a few years.

5/77 Armd
17th Jul 2005, 19:41
Food is overated, I've never had problems with food. I'm always short of manpower or gold.

I really don't know how you can run into food shortages in this game as any country. I'm always selling off huge amounts of it. Personally, I think that quest where your army doesn't eat for a year is a waste of resources. It's the only quest I don't complete.

But yeah, if you're not at war: keep your armies in their barracks and your ships in the harbors.

18th Jul 2005, 00:54
I've had food become a problem when I've gotten bogged down in a distant war. Your guys can eat up a lot of food if they spend several turns in enemy territory.

5/77 Armd
18th Jul 2005, 01:07
I can see where that could become a problem. I've never encountered it even though I have gotten tangled up in an extended conflict. Because I stock pile so much of it, I always have enough. However, I did run a little low a couple of times.