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15th Jul 2005, 22:00
Eidos / Pyro studios make new 'commandos game' Commandos: Strike Forces. I am big commandos fan and i am dissapointed, "THIS IS NOT COMMANDOS". Firs commandos was Strategy / Tacticial game. U have Special group of soldiers, and each soldier have own special abillityes. But now Commandos is like a Action FPS WTF. Ok CSF Graphic is fine but not other things. Why there was only 3 man-s (Spy, Green Beret, Sniper). Ok FPS view adding is not a bad idea but.. why there is not Strategy view ? After C2, commandos starting to move in action (Like C3, there is lot's of action, but ok there was other solutions to, but not in all missions, but this is not so bad). Like i seen in trailers there is loads of action, ok spy part is other but looks like allmoust action. Ok and I'am 100% sure in MP come DM and Flag match... ok why Developers removed Coop mode after C2, in C3 DM and flag match IS PONTLESS!!!. My opinion is the Best Commandos Game was Commandos 2: man of courage. I hope Netx Commandos (If come after CSF) became best commandos in Commandos history, but i think it's only Dream :(

15th Jul 2005, 22:15
Certainly CSF is not like the old commandos. But still it has the signature of Pyrostudios, which makes it a "continuation" of the series. Having the spy, the GB and the Sniper in the CSF, that means that it certainly has a commandos touch. What CSF tries to achieve is a FPS/ tactical strategy game, which has not been done before (you can compare it perhaps to Hidden and Dangerous, but that game was a 3rd Person shooter).

Since we have not played any demo yet, we cannot see how the strategy elements combine with the action elements. All you have to do is simply wait...

In old discussions in the past we had talked about this and we had said that a 1st person perspective will ruin the commandos gamestyle. That is true. And still is. But this is a new thing... and personally I want to try it before I get disappointed at all.