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15th Jul 2005, 14:56
Hey I was wondering what the special attribute allowing your mean to form a double line does. Does it cause the regiment in front to kneel if there is a regiment behind it? I was wondering because even without the attribute your regiments can form a line... Any info would be greatly appreciated.

5/77 Armd
15th Jul 2005, 15:39
Your second line never fires. I haven't even noticed them firing at all when double line is researched, they just stand back there with their thumbs up their butts. I think to simulate the double line, your firing rate increases. Anyone else's thoughts?

Azharas Knight
15th Jul 2005, 15:55
The third line fires aswell. It kinda doubles your damage.

15th Jul 2005, 17:43
I saw the front lines kneel before they shoot looked cool :cool:

Mister Nock
15th Jul 2005, 19:45
before double line only the first line fires.

after double line you can see both the first and second line fire, just not the third.

That's what I see anyway.

1st Aug 2005, 03:32
When you get the double line formation it makes the two front rows fire the very front kneel and the second are able to fire

1st Aug 2005, 07:42
no its the 1st and third line that fire when this reacharch is created :)

3rd Aug 2005, 04:42
This actually gives a tremendous boost too the firepower of the unit, Which you will notice on the unit information window, when you select it. Your first row should kneel and fire, thus allowing a second line to fire as well... (as far as animations go). If you see nothing, it may be a graphical setting your off on.


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