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Mister Nock
15th Jul 2005, 13:01
This was my first victory in a “difficult” battle, (also on hard difficulty mode.) Just had to share this. :D

Normally I try and decide the time and place of a fight, that way I can never loose, but here the Prussians out-maneuvered me and I was unable to retreat and so had to fight a battle of impossible odds.

Territory: Provence (I weakened France right at the begining of the game and now everybody's fighting over it. :p )

Great Britain:
Line Infantry (60)
Line Infantry (5)
Lancers (22)

Militia (60)
Militia (60)
Militia (60)
Militia (60)
Howitzers (3)
Howitzers (3)
Howitzers (3)
Howitzers (3)
Howitzers (3)

I knew I could hold off the militia by forming square, but then I would get shot to pieces buy his 15 guns.

Anyway I sent my 5 lonely men into a house, and formed a 60-man square by the front door. And sent my Lancers forward and placed them behind a forest. I was counting on him rushing his militia forward leaving the guns behind so I could skewer his gunners, but he kept tight together and I didn’t want to send my horses in outnumbered eleven to one.

So I teased him with my Lancers, until one troop of militia tried a charge. I ran behind my square and the 60 militia impaled themselves on a wall of bayonets.

Then next load of militia headed for the house and slaughtered my five men who were having a kip. Then they came outside and met my square and that was the end of them.

I sent my Lancers around his back to see if I could get his guns, but his was bringing them up with the militia. However, This brought the guns into musket range of my square and after a few volleys he sent his guns back, at which point I ordered a cavalry charge. Now most of the guns were gone, and with all this running around, they only got one or two shells into my square, although this did reduce my square to about half-strength, but at least they survived.

With the guns gone, the battle was more or less won, and I sat back happily watching his remaining 120 militia hurling themselves at the remains of my square. With only 15 men left, he ran. British casualties; 37.



Now he's coming up with some infantry and cavelry. I think I'd better get out of there while I still can.

So then, everyone post your own proudest moments in the field.

15th Jul 2005, 13:05
i didn't know squares could pwn militia!! :eek:

at all! :(

good to know! :cool:

had a similar battle, got my behind handed to me! :p