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15th Jul 2005, 04:04
I'd appreciate it if you guys/gals could give me suggestions on how to beat calvary? I'm playing online with friends and it seems like whoever has the better calvary(wins the calvary fight) wins the battle. I've tested square out, and 2 attacking calvary brigades cause the square to break apart, consequently getting all the infantry slaughtered immediately. Stacking infantry works when your infantry outnumbers the calvary 3:2, but that's unpractical. Do the special attributes you can buy make a big difference? Are they worth it? Is it better to go with more units, or more powerful units? What's the best amount of experience to give your units? Thanks for any suggestions.

Lord Nergal
15th Jul 2005, 06:05
The best way to stop a calvary unit is with another calvary.
I noticed that, if they attack with more calvary units, your sqare is gone. But if you group 3 or more sqares closely to each other (but not to close), he will attack one, while you use the others to slaughter him. This is what I tried but it does not work all the time. Sometimes he bombards your sqares.
The fact is that calvary is too strong in this game.

15th Jul 2005, 07:47
Here is something that works for me. I play britian and try to build armies composed of black watch battalions. I form sqaures with the batalions and arrange them so. One up, second stagered to the rear, third stagered to the front and so forth. It looks like the black sqaures on a chess bord . This way at least three sqaures support each other with mutual defensive fire at any time.

The problem is that other units such as grenadiers and line infantry will break before a concentrated onslaught. if this happens the other sqaures thin out the ranks of the cavalry. Be prepared to loose a few of your battalions. If you have cavalry keep them back and use them to destroy any guns the enemy may have once his cavalry is commited to the fight. They may get destroyed in the process but at least your infantry don't get shot up by the guns as well.

Here is an example were it worked. I attacked Sicily which was in the possesion of austria. At the end of the map their is a boggy part with a causeway trough it. I stacked out my sqaures and moved my guns out of harms way. they were of no use to me as the enemy cavalry (the computer had a cavalry heavy army mostly composed of lancers with two grenadier units and a few guns. They enemy cavalry would just have slaughtered my guns and I wasn't in the mood to loose expensive horse drawn 12 pounders. I also hid my cavalry behind a ridge and waited for the enemy to come. They attacked me on my right flank on the road. the sqaures poured withering fire into the lancers ranks and they broke away to the rear of the possition then came on again. they made many passes and only broke one sqaure. the cavalry mean while flanked to the left and came onto the enemy artillery which was lagging behind and massacred them. I then withdrew them. Once the enemy had lost enough of its cavalry I once again commited them and deliverd the coup de grace. It was over in 20min with minimum casualties.

It works but be prepared to sacrifice some units. And try to build armies with elite units such as the black watch and imperial guard. The other infantry units just wash away in the tide.

zero ai
19th Jul 2005, 14:18
playing as England (my first IG campaign game)using 3 generals to attack or defend (no other faction has them yet...thanks to all the research quests) i have such a large army compared to the other factions, that when cavalry charge my infantry units in line (positioned uphill :) ,which have many long range rifle units, black watch and 12pounder cannon) the attacking cavalry are compleately cut down before they make contact.ok does not happen every time,but it has worked a lot.Historically cavalry units could could only break or stand up to a regular lines volley unless it had been weakened first.However as we know every game is a compromise(some more than others).

20th Jul 2005, 10:19
but i thought there was a stand ground button, it's not on the control panel, but i tried it before, i think its ctrl+shift+O or something. but i tried it with the "stand ground", and infantries stay in the same position after being attacked (don't go into meelee, just stay in the same place), but when i play without the "stand ground" my infantry charges into meelee! strange eh?

ps. but i have to say that stand ground is so much better, i could deal with like 2 battalions of cavalry with it!

20th Jul 2005, 10:38
just put several infantry units clsoe together in square when the calvary charges you will kill least half of them before they manage to engage in melee that is if they manage to get that close :D