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14th Jul 2005, 10:44
I have downloaded the IG demo 2 times and the first it crashed when I selected the small battle, and this last time during that battle. my system specs seem above recommended, I have a P4 2.2 Ghz, 768 MB of ram, ati radelon 9600. yet is restarts on me

is this a demo issue? I looked around the forum and did not see any thing about it. Is this an issue with the full game? I would run out and buy it tomorrow but would like to know it would run without restarting 10 minutes into it. if there is an issue are there any fixes?

Thanks for any help

14th Jul 2005, 11:10
Try other drivers I believe 5.5 fixed some issues with IG.

14th Jul 2005, 12:18
that would be good but I only go back to 6.1, is there a place to get an older version? I could not find it on ati :/ will the new patch fix this issue? the game looks great but that is no fun if you can't play it

the zwickau prophet
15th Jul 2005, 10:15

I too have a Radeon 9600. I found that when I had Catalyst 5.1s installed the game ran fine, but thereafter the game would cause my PC to reboot until they released Catalyst 5.5.s which corrected the problem. It is definitely a compatability problem with ATI graphics card drivers. There are now Catalyst 5.6s availbale on the ATI site but I have not upgraded yet

You make reference to 6.1's though and I am not sure what you are referring to? I have just checked their website and the most recent ATI Radeondrivers are 5.7s!!!!

15th Jul 2005, 10:46
that would be good but I only go back to 6.1, is there a place to get an older version? I could not find it on ati :/ will the new patch fix this issue? the game looks great but that is no fun if you can't play it

Latest ATI drivers are still at 5.7, so i not sure where you are getting the 6.1 version number from.

The restarting issue was a known issue with Cat 5.2 etc, was fixed tho with updated official drivers

15th Jul 2005, 18:33
I have a radion 9600 with 128Ram, and the Demo works fine with me.

I use an athlon 2800 and have had no problems, I suggest you get the real game, this will be ok on your 9600. :D

19th Jul 2005, 08:13
I got the 6.1 from going to the video card properties, and looked at driver details. I upgraded it to the newest driver and seems to work fine. and it still says the driver is 6.14.x but it works :) ty all for your help.

Also the demo does not show anything about the campaign map.

1. how does that work? there are pieces from the shots I have seen, so is it turn based like the total war games or is it real time like hearts of iron.

2. is the game timed? either after a certian year it is over or is there a tech race, where first one to reach a certain tech era wins? civ 3 did both and annoyed me

3. how do building and army creation work? is it flexable with many building and units? I really liked knights of honor where you had certain resources in a territory that let you build unigue buildings in all your cities, yet there was a limit so if you made all the resourse building you could not make all army units, which added more strategy, IMO. it also limited army units to specal kindom and every territory had thier own set, so in some territories you could make spearmen and others you could not.

basiclly I am thinking about getting this or cossacks 2. and the main differcence between the 2 is economic and army creation. I am leaning towards this one guessing it is turn based in the campaign map, thus I get a chance to slow down and think, if it is pausable real time allowing me to issue comands paused that works too, cossacks 2 look about like all other RTS games but with the 18th and 19th centary warfare so many game companies seem to ignore.

the zwickau prophet
19th Jul 2005, 15:39
ahhh...I see what you were looking at now, under my options tab in Graphics Card properties (ATI Radeon 9600xt 256 meg) it says (after recently downloading the Radeon 5.7s):

Catalyst version - 05.7

and underneath:

2d Version -

It is the Catalyst version, however, which indicates which driver you currently have installed. Anyway, sounds like you solved the graphics glitch by downloading the most recent driver.

In answer to your other queries:

Imperial Glory is turn based like the Total War Games. Each 'turn' on the strategic map represents a month. There are basically two ways to victory. Firstly, via victory points (similar to Europa Universalis 2). In this mode the game runs from 1789 to 1830 and you gain victory points by conquering territories and completing quests etc. Secondly you can try to win by total conquest of the map. This game also starts in 1789, but does not end until you have conquered all of the map. The map itself is similar to that used in Medieval Total War (ie. covers the same geographical area), though it is only split into 50 battle maps. I find the building and army options fairly limited in terms of the number of units/buildings you can build, though I must confess, I have not played the game that much, so maybe someone else can provide more detailed information on this.

I like the strategic game in general. The diplomatic options, for example, are greater than those offered in the Total War games, though not as extensive as those used in something like EU2 or Victoria. However, when it comes to the battles, I prefer the Total War series. There is a pause command in the battles, but not the ability to issue orders while paused. In its pre-patched state, the game also lacks a battle speed slider, so you can sometimes spend four or five minutes marching to a battle which is over in less than one. Naval battles, though novel, are currently very fiddly and awkward. As to its comparison with Cossacks 2, I am afraid I cannot comment. I bought the first Cossacks game, which was enough to dissuade me from purchasing the sequel. Anyway, this is just my opinion - hope this helps.