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13th Jul 2005, 09:11
i was thinking, that perhaps the dev team should have made some minor countries stronger ie. many people are talking about playing spain, and it would be fun. but take a look at their territory productions. low :eek: !!!!!!!!!!!way lower than the five empires :eek: !!!!!!!!!!! at least they should make the game more fair, why do spanish territories have a lower production rating than empire territories? then it would be fairly hard to play minor nations! and in historical figures, some parts of the five empires are very poor land, not rich territories! they should make territories more realistic, which brings me to another topic. each nation should have many differences, advantages, drawbacks, for example, almost every territory in france is rich due to their location, so the game should make france more resourceful! whereas GB has countless amount of wealth due to their colonies. and prussia should be militarily powerful, and russia should be divided into more lands with less resources but huge amount of population(they are located in the north)( i know this would be unfair, but in reality, russia does have many lands)

13th Jul 2005, 11:03
on hard, those little nations play quite aggressive....

13th Jul 2005, 12:30
Both spain and ottermans have different troops costs from the other minor nations.

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13th Jul 2005, 12:54
Yeah, I've noticed that some countries have different building stats for troops. e.g. It takes three turns to make a Saxony Lancer; but their attack and defence stats are the same as any other nation. And yes, those minor countries are extremely aggressive on hard. I spent the entire 1st era (as Prussia) beating back Hannover, Poland, Saxony and Austria. It really doesn't matter which nation I choose on the continent, all my minor neighbors lust after my territory!