View Full Version : I Give Up, This Is Tottally Unfair!

12th Jul 2005, 20:42
Ok I loved Snowblind right when it came out,I've been playing it for a while, but I have been waiting forever for a new patch, Is it ever going to come out for the PS2, i know this thread this pointless cuase i bet the staff of Eidos will still not make a patch for the PS2, even though we deserve one. Does Anyone else Agree. ( I feel abandonned by Eidos )

14th Jul 2005, 06:52
Dude stop whining, PC is first in line for a patch, way before your stupid PS2.

Jay :cool:

14th Jul 2005, 09:30
I'm just curious about this PS2 version, how would they release a patch, it's not like they could overwrite the data on the CD's/DVD's? Only way I see it is using a harddrive for PS2, or a memory card where the patcher is stored on and you'll have to load it each time you want to play. Or have I missed something? :P

27th Sep 2005, 22:18
Current gen console games do not get patched...

28th Sep 2005, 19:20
Get over it. The patch was never coming out anyway. And I agree with JayJay. If anyone gets a patch, it's the PC users. Are you the ones that have crashes while playing? No.

12th Oct 2005, 11:00
Xbox is better than both the ps2 and pc versions.

12th Oct 2005, 20:05
Xbox is better than both the ps2 and pc versions.

How many players are online everyday on average?