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12th Jul 2005, 20:38
My game lags,not alot but can support plenty of soldiers but runs a little slow, and I have no idea if its my graphics card or its just my computer, its stats may suck but please no jokes, aright here goes:

-160 gb's ultra dma hard drive
-G-eForce mx 4000(plan to update with ati radeon soon)
-2.16 ghz amd Athlon xp processor
-CD-rom 48x max speed
-512 mb pc2700 ddr sdram memory

So can you please tell me how to decrease the lag or recommend some updates to my computer and please if you suggest any hardware please put a price tag on it because I have a small budget,

Thanks in advance,


12th Jul 2005, 21:08
Is your graphics card driver up to date?

Have you defragged your computer?

Ensured your free of programs running at the same time you don't/shouldn't have running? (spyware/virus/adware/pointless crap :P)

You could always lower the video levels in the Options screen, I do this and don't notice a major issue, you soon get used to things without the fancy touch.

12th Jul 2005, 21:21
Well I do go to ms config to stop some things from running and also defragged my computer before i got the game and did it a few times when I got it, and yes card drivers are up to date,

12th Jul 2005, 23:05
Yeah check what programs are running in the background, Ctrl-Alt-Delete in Windows XP. A lot of programs can create lag, especially Mcafee virus scan, if it starts to update itself online :( Or even MSN if you leave it on and somebody chats with you :(

13th Jul 2005, 02:44
you could use a free ram tool , like this one i am using FreeRAM XP Pro 1.4 i found by using this tool my IG runs fine as i was getting a little slow down on the screen, when playing.

13th Jul 2005, 13:06
FreeRAM tools sound foolish to me.

Another way is you can take ROM and convert it into Virtual RAM. Can't remember exact address, but somewhere on your systems. Within Memory Section.

Don't set it higher than twice your current RAM.

Wiltshire Tony
13th Jul 2005, 14:30
How much onboard RAM does your graphics card have?

'cos you've got a system bottleneck and I would bet my left nut that it's your card that's the problem.