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12th Jul 2005, 17:15
Greetings all:

I just bought the PC version of this game Sunday 7/10, and IMO the single player is really quite fun, the game was a bargain @ $20. However, I went to play online, succeeded in registering an account and logging in, but I find zero servers, and if I start a server, nobody joins, ever... Is the game already completely DOA online?

Or, is there some configuration I need to do that was not mentioned in the Manual, or anything I have found online, i.e. Port Forwarding thru my firewall, etc.? :confused:

I'd like to at least try this out online, but am baffled at the total lack of even a single official server showing up...?



12th Jul 2005, 17:35
Hey Astro

There aren't alot of players for Snowblind PC unforunately. A number of game issues in the way of lag and crashing have kept some people away. However, people do play. I'd suggest trying during the day. Alot of players congregate at the [T] Forums (http://comms.clan-transcend.com/) and [En]igma Forums (http://enigmaclan.co.uk/enforum/), however.

13th Jul 2005, 03:42
Don't know where you are located, but when Jej says try during the day that would be EST I imagine...

Oddly most other games with worldwide servers will always have some games running, but Snowblind will go for HOURS without a soul in them. Usually after 8pm EST there is no one on.....


14th Jul 2005, 06:50
Me and S60R are on EST and Jej is on PST so when I play during the daytime, there are usually about 10 - 20 players popping in and out. You should definately keep checking the online Snowblind, because once you get started playing online, you won't believe how fun it is...

Our fun but small PC Snowblind community definately has fun in our own rights... Be it busting balls on the forum, msn, or online... We all just have our fingers crossed, just waiting and hoping for a patch, which we believe will definately fix some of the major issues at hand and bring many more players online...

Wish you the best, and If you see me online, RUN, because i'm gonna get ya ... lol

JayJay :cool:

15th Jul 2005, 19:05
Thanks, guys - I think I'll skip home from work early and see if I can catch some games in progress... ;)

Question: I have read a bunch of complaints that there is no text chat in M/P - are y'all using voice chat? I haven't used VC for PC games before, but I think I have a headset / mic somewhere...

16th Jul 2005, 06:08
Voice chat only works on team games and it's spotty at best. Communication with other players is done through forums mostly.

18th Jul 2005, 07:43
Are these the only ppl that play? :eek: http://stats.projectsnowblind.com/stats/

22nd Jul 2005, 19:48
4884 to be exact http://stats.projectsnowblind.com/stats/?statsDomain=ALL&statsSort=-SCORE&statsStart=48 (http://stats.projectsnowblind.com/stats/?statsDomain=ALL&statsSort=-SCORE&statsStart=4870)70 not all active