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12th Jul 2005, 12:03
I have installed the game Imperial Glory and the installation went pretty well. But when I started the game for the first time the game didn't start, instead I've got this error message: "Sorry, but licence date has expired. Please contact the software provider to update the software or extend the licence." So I wasn't able to play because everytime I started the game the same error message kept occuring. Please, are there anybody who is familiar with this problem that can help me fix it?!


12th Jul 2005, 12:42
I'm sure other people had similar problems and think you can get a replaced ImperialGlory.exe to fix this.

31st Jul 2005, 18:34
change your pc clock

2nd Aug 2005, 20:08
Change ur pc clock past teh date that it is saying that it iwll come into effect for example if it was 6/5/2005 just up the date passed that day and the game will work.

2nd Aug 2005, 21:54
Or get the patch it will fix this too :)