View Full Version : direct x9c cant install it

zero ai
12th Jul 2005, 11:23
:confused: iam using a radeon x850xt with radeon driver version 5.6,imperial glory installs,but when i try to start the game the error message invalid direct x9 version comes up...i know direct 9c is required...i have tried to install it from many different sources including microsoft directly but when i run dxdiag the diagnostic shows i still have direct x 9b....just cant get 9c to install....

zero ai
18th Jul 2005, 08:06
when you post your your first post and nobody replies,what does that say about site??:is it a stupid question?Its too complicated?Well i think it would make people feel more welcome to return....if the site manager at least replied that would be polite....maybe thats asking too much....this is supposed to be a COMMUNITY BOARD....i have never been in a community where nobody talked to you ....whatever the answer to my question is FORMAT HARD DRIVE AND REINSTALL WINDOWS XP WITH DIRECT X9C....NOW THE GAME WORKS GREAT NO PROBLEMS ....ENGLAND IS RACING ACROSS EUROPE :)

18th Jul 2005, 08:35
When no answers it's because they don't know the answer to the question.

Sir Crow
18th Jul 2005, 16:13
I would have tried the Windows help forums, they seem better tailored to your problem than Eidos. I'm not defending these boards as I have nothing to do with them I'm a normal user like you but I think your tirade against this forum and the game makers was unjust considering it's not really a game problem.