View Full Version : How to peacefully annex a nuture nation?

12th Jul 2005, 08:51
Hey..I am just wondering how do you peacefully annex a nation? Do you just have to build the consulate on those foreigh countries or there is something else that are needs to be done because I have find invest on foreign countries is such a waste.Eg building the trade branches and consulate. because once those small nations are taking out by other major power. then your Trade branches and the consulate are destroyed as well. SUCH A waste of money and population :mad:

12th Jul 2005, 10:35
just a consulate laddie?? heck no! :eek:

after the consulate, you'll need a newspaper, a cultural center and sometimes the army bulletin! it takes time and cash. and sometimes more cash! :(

it's probably easier to just go conquer. with GB, though, you can sorta play iron man rules. only fight when attacked and try to ONLY peacefully annex.
at least you finish the tech tree by the time you are done. :thumbsup:

12th Jul 2005, 23:58
So...it's gonna take hell of long time yee..but after a long tough fight with France. I barely have enough troops to defend for myself now. SO I don't think I would even have the strength to take over POrtugal and I am so regret that I take out France for nothing...A bloody deserted land. NO money and nothing can be operated. :(

14th Jul 2005, 20:27
I don't get it though. I have about 7 countries with 100% sympathy (I took about 10 countries off Britain and restored them all). My average sympathy is over 80%! Why don't they join me! Only Spain has....