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12th Jul 2005, 02:59
If i build a fire range all new unit will be veterans.. so what if i have alot of units that are medium and i then i build the firing range and after that finish that quest that upgrades all your infantry to the best infantry unit i can make?

Will all the upgraded units be considered "new" by the game and thus become veterans?

anyone knows? :)

12th Jul 2005, 04:24
gah, hard to answer, but i think you gotta break it down.

the firing range increases what ever it does, (can't remember, but think it's new only - built after the range)(could be wrong...)

that (edit:bolivar) quest is half bullocks. it only updates BASIC infantry, to the next level.
if you got all med, should go to vet. doesn't stipulate "new" in there anywhere, iirc... (doesn't do squat for lite inf, i think)

don't think vets can go higher, can they???

5/77 Armd
12th Jul 2005, 13:31
The firing range isn't a quest, it's like other building upgrades that increase your infantry's quality. I think "veteran" is a soldier with two experience stars (not sure though). Five experience stars is the highest experience you can go for any unit. The firing ranges are a very good investment. You will be building more units throughout the game and it's much better if they come in with 2-3 stars than 1-2.

The Simon Bolivar quest is one of the best in the game. This upgrades fusiliers to grenadiers and light infantry to riflemen/jagers, etc. It also brings all those units to full strength-even if they have only one man left in them. So a fusilier battalion with one man in it becomes 60 grenadiers in one turn!

12th Jul 2005, 13:57
geez, did i write that as tho i thought to firing range was a quest?? :eek:

my n00b, if i did. :p

i usually ignore the bolivar quest as i go autocracy, so i always have hospitals. i took it in my current game just to keep russia from getting it. when i did, NONE of my light troops OR militia got restored. so, i'm assuming that they didn't get upgraded either.

so i haven't seen the results that you have 5/77 Armd. could it be that it's effects are different based upon govt?

5/77 Armd
12th Jul 2005, 14:38
My Austrian light infantry and all fusiliers DEFINANTLY were restored. Militia, cavalry and artillery are not. I really don't know why you're light infantry didn't get restored (???) I've seen this about three times now. I'm Austria right now, and earlier this week I completed Bolivar and all my Austrian light infantry became jagers (along with fusiliers becoming grenadiers). Now my conquered nations' infantry remained light (like my Moldavian infantry) but the Moldavian fusiliers became grenadiers even though I didn't have an advanced barracks there yet. I think only the nations' infantry that can have upgraded light infantry get upgraded.

I love that quest because I put all my extremely degraded infantry (battalions with 20 or fewer men) in the barracks (I only merge units when the original unit will still be in existence-like merging 20 men into a unit that is missing 15). The remainder gets put back into the "refrigerator" for later. When the quest gets completed my army practically doubles when all these little one to twenty man battalions become whole again!

Plus! Right before you complete the quest, spend a couple of turns building fusiliers in each of your barracks. As soon as the quest gets complete, they all become grenadiers! This saves you tons of money. What is the manpower requirement for fusiliers? About 400? Grenadier units need manpower of about 1150! You save a lot in every resource.

12th Jul 2005, 14:47
hmmm, still playing as GB, so most of my army is from annexed nations. what type of govt are you using?

your plan sounds...sound! :cool:

my view was that they got the next experience level, not better units. will experment when i have time.

as GB, the quest that gives you 2 field marshalls wit full armies is much better than the bolivar one. :p

5/77 Armd
12th Jul 2005, 15:24
Right now my government type is absolute monarchy. That quest you speak of is "The 100,000 Sons of St. Louis" my all time favorite! That quest will put you over the top!