View Full Version : Slow Loading.

Matthew T
11th Jul 2005, 15:09
Hi chaps. Maybe this has been covered before. Im playing the game, superb gameplay and graphics. One thing thats spoiling it for me is the amount of time it takes to load between turns. I have a high spec pc (not very well up on jargon :( ). Any ideas anyone? Much appreciated.

Mister Nock
11th Jul 2005, 21:56
It generally does take a while to load, (even when loading the main menu for some reason,) it takes about a minute for me, some people say two. Unless your's takes something like five minutes to load, there's nothing wrong and nothing to do about it. Progress-bars will be progress-bars I'm afraid. ;)


I just re-read your post, you mean between turns on the campaign map?? Well, that's because there are something like twenty other nations to all have their moves, it will speed up as you start wiping them all out. :D

Matthew T
12th Jul 2005, 08:23
Ah, thanks for that. Must be more patient in life!!!, and possibly more aggresive on imperial glory. :thumbsup:. Thanks again.