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11th Jul 2005, 11:42
I posted this in the bug thread but it was ignored. Maybe I'll have more luck now.

I am experiencing big difficulties which I thought was the disk... but isn't. I exchanged it. Same problem.

Now our D drive has been messed up for a while, so I used the E drive. No pop-up start screen came up. Strange, I thought. So I went to My Computer > E drive. It.... froze. I ended program. Very odd.

I went to Run > E:\setup. It worked ok. Then, about a third through the installation, the comp crashed onto a blue error screen. It said there was a major error, etc. Next time I tried, I just got past "select language" when the same thing happened.

Now every single time I click Run > E:\setup it just freezes, then the error message fills the screen again. Every other game works fine and the comp more than meets the requirements.

Yhen I tried it on my old computer upstairs. It.... installed fine. (although ONLY in the D drive.) Plays now, but very very slow and the graphics are off. I still want it on my downstairs proper one! (this one)

I am at my wit's end here! The game actually causes these errors while the DISK is in my E drive. If I haven't even tried to start it the error can suddenly pop up. It ONLY happens when the game is in. Any ideas, similar problems, ANYTHING?

11th Jul 2005, 12:04
This sounds like a hardware problem have you tryed installing a different game using your E drive ?

Edit:Just noticed this is you 2nd IG dvd so it is definately hardware you do have a dvd-drive right ?

11th Jul 2005, 12:36
Yes to both questions.

11th Jul 2005, 14:27
Exactly what do the errors say ?