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10th Jul 2005, 22:07
Paint Shop Pro can make TGAs, but it cannot save them in a format that makes them show up correctly in Thief. The colours are wrong.

The problem is that the maximum bit-depth that PSP can save TGAs is 24, but Thief requires 32.
Thief also requires that they are Uncompressed.

Thanks go to Vigil (from TTLG) for helping me identify the problem.

I used the internet to find a program that will convert a file of one type into another. There are three types: PNG, TGA and BMP (BMP can be ignored)

It uses 32 bit :)

Download Page (http://blizzle.com/releases.php?id=1751)
(If this link ever dies PM me and I'll upload it onto my own website)

I'll say how to use the program and assume you already have TGA with an alpha channel.


Open your TGA image in PSP and go to File > Save As. Click the Options button and make sure it's 24 bit, Uncompressed, then Save the file.

Extract the contents of the ZIP. They can go anywhere.
Run the program (a little window should be shown).
You should probably keep the 'Convert only 32 bit images' box checked.

Set the Target Format to PNG, then drag your TGA file onto the window (you'll see a little + next to your mouse pointer) The file will then be converted to PNG (and created in the same folder as the TGA)

Now set the Target Format to TGA, and drag the PNG file onto the window.
If you didn't rename any files, the original TGA will be overwritten with this new one.

If you want to make a change to the image or alpha channel, change the TGA instead of the PNG.
If you make changes to the new TGA, saving it in PSP will reduce it back to 24 bit, so after editing, remember to use this program again.

John D.
11th Jul 2005, 11:29
Nice to see .tga's can be made to work, do they look better on ai/objects than the same skin in .gif or .pcx?

11th Jul 2005, 14:23
The whole point of TGAs is that different parts of the texture can have different transparencies (that's what the alpha channel is for).
Although TGAs don't need a 256 colour palette, the Dark engine reduces the number of colours anyway (it only works in 16 bit, not 32).
If there is no transparency, or at least the transparency is uniform, you'd be better off using GIF or PCX because the file sizes are so much smaller.

John D.
11th Jul 2005, 14:27
Sounds like .tga's would be great for appartitions! :eek: :thumbsup: