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10th Jul 2005, 14:34
At last the Sith have returned, at last we shall have our revenge...

Right onto business, I'm having a few problems with naval combat and convincing enemy ships to succumb to the darkside.

Heres the situation(I've only just got the game btw), I have a sloop mostly in good working order and I'm taking on a Spanish sloop which has seen better days(basically its near death).

I switch to grapeshot and give it some righteous fire taking the crew bar down to about half, I then maneovure up to it and select the board action. All goes to plan and the hook symbol appears as my jolly lads jump over to the enemy ship. Just as I think I'm about to fufill my destiny the battle ends, the crew bar is wiped out, mine is mostly full, I get to the results screen to see I have indeed won the battle but the enemy ship is sunk. The summary screen does not lie, on returning to the map I have no new ship!! My evil plan has been foiled!!

Why won't these infernal jabronis turn to the darkside, what am I doing wrong? I've crossed all the T's and dotted the I's but no, they refuse to join me :mad:


10th Jul 2005, 15:02
Wont you need the right tech to capture ships?

Also something i noticed.. when a ship is in bad condition it might blow up?

because i had a battle and my ship was burning and hull strenght was about about 50 % then suddenly battle ends and my ship was sunk..

makes sense i guess.. fire is never good on a ship with all that gunpowder :)

10th Jul 2005, 16:32
You have to have the tech that allows you to build Military Ports (the tech that allows you to build Sloops) and (I think) you also have to have a Military Port built so that the captured ship has somewhere to go. Captured ships are sent to your nearest Military Port.

10th Jul 2005, 16:44
At last the Sith have returned....

Ahhh, thats my problem then, I do not possess this technology you speak of, my fine attack sloop is the one I started the game with. Damn, that means those Spanish Jabronis will escape conversion to the darkside and instead will need to be destroyed.

I shall redouble my efforts to aquire this technology you speak of to prevent this happening in the future. Many thanks to you both for your assistance, the darkside is strong in both of you

10th Jul 2005, 22:13
OT but.. Sith do you play SWG? :)

11th Jul 2005, 12:23
At last the Sith have returned...

Kausten, I used to a long time ago....in a galaxy far far away. I played when it first came out, didn't fancy the mundane XP grind to try and make jedi and so instead concentrated my Sith efforts on becoming a Master Bounty Hunter.

I left the day I witnessed a single Jedi apprentice destroy 10 Master Bounty Hunters in PvP without taking a scratch. I was one of those MBH, the rest were my clanmates, the inbalance sickened me so I left. But by that time a lot of areas of the game were annoying me, perhaps its all changed for the better now....one things for sure it couldn't have got any worse :p