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10th Jul 2005, 03:07
especially the modding clan, i really dont mean to say anything bad about u guyz, and plz forgive me if i do. i just have one questtion. would i still need to download your mods if the dev team is already making one? (besides, they are the official ones)

10th Jul 2005, 05:46
There is no right or wrong answer, if you want to d/l an independent modders work because your interested or like it, go for it. If you choose to let the developers make official stuff and put it in a neat package, then by all means enjoy what you get :)

10th Jul 2005, 21:09
Who said the dev team is making mods ?

10th Jul 2005, 21:59
Believe he is confusing the Editor Tools with a MOD, basically you'll never see a MOD from a Dev team, it'll be a Game Expansion, or a Patch. All Mods hand-made are on the whole free, because hey it isn't their engine, so they can be sued if they try and make you pay. The major Mods, well its up to you if you want them or not, or if you like them or not. People have just made them for users, or for themselves.

Mister Nock
10th Jul 2005, 23:06
you'll never see a MOD from a Dev team.

Exactly, Mods are third party modifications, the developers will release patches not mods.

In answer to your question Monkey, it is always good to install offical patches, but that doesn't stop you using 3rd party mods as well.

For example, Pyro might make the weapon ranges more realist in a patch, but I doubt they will make the uniforms historyically correct. Infact they said they made them incorrect on purpose so all British units are red, French blue, etc, so you know which troops are yours (as if the bloody great flag wasn't enough. :rolleyes: ) So you can install any patches and still use, say, my 95th Mod.