View Full Version : My Online version of this game isnt working and it was this morning

9th Jul 2005, 03:46
It Was Working The Games Are Saying Join Failed And Same With My Friend Is This Gonna Get Fixed And Is It Happing To You !

9th Jul 2005, 15:16
please post if u are having the same problem

9th Jul 2005, 15:40
It will be fixed, i truly believe that crystal dynamics are working their ***** off to make the patch :thumbsup: . in aswering your question, i sometimes get that error, its annoying.

9th Jul 2005, 15:55
Its been like this since yesterday is it like this for u now ? And should i try deleting the patch and doing it over all the games still have the same names as they did yesterday !

9th Jul 2005, 16:06
if urs is working or not working please post :thumbsup:

9th Jul 2005, 16:35
anyone ? please

9th Jul 2005, 16:59
I have the same problem. I can't join an online game b/c it says "failed to join"....wth is wrong. The games never change - FIX THIS PROBLEM PLEASE! I can't play online at all - what is the freaking problem?

9th Jul 2005, 18:23
the snowblind servers turned bottom up. witht eh neglect from eidos c dynamics has a lot of work. and everyone's game is doing that. its the servers. I love this game. best game ive ever played and if they dont fix it ill DIE!!

9th Jul 2005, 19:26
If they dont fix it I will never buy a eidos game again in my life. I am gonna call on monday if its not working by then cause its closed on the weekend u would think they would at least post that they were working on it on the stinkin site but no

11th Jul 2005, 18:52
it was fixed.....its freakin out agaon..time for us to pool our money and buy eidos a new P:SB server :P

11th Jul 2005, 20:20
Servers Froze with me in it! I cannot log back it it says my name is already in use... Please reset that game! So I can use my name!
PS2 Servers
Game Name MARIO
3/4 players

12th Jul 2005, 02:08
same thing happened to me. same room too

Room MARI0
Name MARI0

12th Jul 2005, 21:19
My name is also frozen and it continuously says it's already in use. What's going Eidos?!!! First you can't even join any rooms, and now the server freezes and traps names inside? Come on!!! Plus, how in the heck am I supposed to remember what room i'm in? I left to go in a different room and the leaving game screen froze, forcing me to turn off the ps2 and turn back on to find what? Oh nothing, just my friggin name frozen. I don't even remember the room name. Sorry if I seem a little mean and demanding, I just want my name back because I got invited to some cool clans, and i'm afriad if I don't get back they'll cancel the invites. Please give me my name back.

Name: Inferno