View Full Version : which government?

8th Jul 2005, 07:34
hi guyz,
ive been playing GB for a week, i chose democracy as my government towards era 2. but im starting to regret (no military hospitals, which means i have to retrain a new unit without any experiences if the old one is destroyed) so i was wondering which government u guyz would choose playing GB in easy mode (sorry if im cheap)?

9th Jul 2005, 17:30
if u want to fight a war with peacefull anextions then you want to pick uk
this is because the uk has no imediate enimies and it is an ISLAND. thehn demorcracy your guy.

if u like fighting bear blood then there is apsolutly no point in picking democracy, atucracy is then one for you, best empire for that is prussia although the satrt is ahrd and you have to surive enemy after enemy, one that is over it's piss easy ;)