View Full Version : Few questions

6th Jul 2005, 23:40
Im hoping some of you vets would be able to answer these questions :)

1) If i get a trade branch in a nation like Spain.. what happens to it if i invade spain and get their land? do i keep the trade route? reason i ask is that as far as i can tell, a trade route will need to be active for quite alot of turns before i gain a profit on it.. so if i dont keep the trade route after taking taking the nation in which i built one then its not worth building it in a nation i plan to invade?

2) would you guys think its worth it to wait completing the quests that give hospitals, saw mills or military harbors until i gotten some more provinces.. so i can get the structures built for free in more provinces than the 4 i own as Great Britain?

7th Jul 2005, 03:54
If you successfully annex a country then the trade route becomes an internal route, so if you did build a trade branch and annex the country the next turn you will lose the money and resources you used to build it. If at all possible I will attack the country (Spain for instance) and grab the provinces then sue for peace, you get the added resources plus still have the trade route which actually gives you more than the internal route.

As for the quests, you take a chance that the AI will complete the quest the longer you wait. I haven't ever seen them do the Ruler of the Seas quest but the mills, hospitals and Agrarian quests get done quite a bit. Heck I saw England do the World's Fair quest once, which kind of surprised me.