View Full Version : No ASPI layer

6th Jul 2005, 16:47
:eek: Hmm. Okay, I bought this here game, installed it - restarted my computer and now when I click on the desktop Icon a little window pops up (and I quote)

(x) No ASPI layer found on your system.
This is necessary for successful authentication.

Now, could ANYONE who is ANYBODY please, please help!? I just want to play my goshdarn game - is it so much to ask?!!! I mean, come on. :mad:

8th Jul 2005, 22:55
ASPI is software that tells your machine what to do with devices like CD/DVD players and such... do other CDs work when you try to run them?

Google it, there are plenty of sites that will give you step by step instructions on what you need to do to resolve it...