View Full Version : Bug in Management Tutorial trying to leave ship?

6th Jul 2005, 14:35
Forgive me if this has been covered beofre or I am being a complete dingbat. I get completely "stuck" in the management tutorial quite early on. After you have created your captain and given him some troops, it tells you to place the icon on the ship - I do this OK. It then asks you to take them off the ship - but you cannot seem to do this!!! You cannot drag the icon from the ship to anywhere on screen so you canot go any further in the tutorial.

Can someone please help??? this strikes me as the most important tutorial of them all and I want to get going!


7th Jul 2005, 10:07
Sussed it - it is a slight bug in that if you accidentally clicked on something else like the training centre then you cannot move the captain off the ship. But if you don't, its OK.