View Full Version : little problem

6th Jul 2005, 12:52
I can perfectly play the game but after some time (somtimes 2 hours, somtimes 20 minutes) my computer automaticly restarts.
My computer isn't good enough you would say, but why does it then occurs after a long time. And also, it happens only whil i'm on the european map on campaign mode, not during battles. And (i think) the map has lower needs then the battle.

Pleas help me


7th Jul 2005, 12:08
Hmm, are you using an usupported crack, or your graphics card is overheating? Does this happen when you play other games?

Mister Nock
7th Jul 2005, 13:21
My dad has this problem playing most games on his PC, it's to do with his graphics card drivers. What card do you have?

7th Jul 2005, 14:44
My guess would be overheating.

7th Jul 2005, 17:31
I used to have a similar problem, but updating the driver to the catalist 5.5 resolved the issue --- provided of course you have an ATI card :)