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5th Jul 2005, 17:06
I've been waiting for this game for ages and im not over the moon with it.

Did the tutorials to get a feeling for the game then jumped straight to history battles 'waterloo' what else!
I move my army forward and AI do the same, we all meet in the middle abit like a rugby scrum. I seem to come of the worse everytime 2 armies meet unless i completey out number them. And the whole thing is over in 5-7mins. Its abit lame for the greatest battle of that era. It's Waterloo for ***** sake, 5mins !

Can any of you guys tell me if im missing something in this game and get me interested it in again plz

Imperius Maxus
5th Jul 2005, 18:39
Hi Leeds,

You'll see a lot of posts about the frustration with melee, the "rugby scrum" you refer to. I've found 2 ways to either delay or avoid it, which I'll share here.

As you've probably observed, there isn't a skirmish option for ranged units and their max range is so close that by the time the armed mob is within range they can close to melee in 10 secs or less after the 1st volley.

Here's how I've pulled out victories with average ranged units against melee:
1. "Simulate" retreat/fall back. I stroll the ranged unit to within firing distance of the mob, get off a volley, listen to the war cry from the mob, then place the line into column and order them to the rear at the double quick. The effectiveness of this technique depends on other factors like land, obstacles, support troops, etc., but you might experiment with it.

2. Consolidate your force and engage at range with properly supported art. Keep the lethal ranged units behind those more adept at melee, and have them well placed so they don't lose time moving after the fight starts. Charge the melee-impaired units :) only as a last resort, and move them back a bit to get off an extra volley if they'll end up hand-to-hand.

These aren't failsafe, but worth tampering with.

Please don't give up yet; there are a lot of workarounds to salvage your overall experience until either a comprehensive patch or full-featured replacement is released.


6th Jul 2005, 19:15
I usually charge 1 expendable unit into melee to stop the charge and have the rest shoot at them from range.