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5th Jul 2005, 16:48
:mad: Hy guys this will be my final message hear. Because nobody from Eidos thought of Snowblind and no patch was release i stoped playing the game online and returned to Unreal Tournament 2004 a much more popular game with many great maps , mods , skins , patches still beeing released after about 1 year. Project Snowblind was a game that nobody cared about and with very few people who played online.I hoped of a patch release but that did not happen . Snowblind had to many bugs and was crashing all the time(not just to me but to about almost all the players) but still no patch. Too Eidos, Project Snowblind was a game almost unexistant. I thought Eidos was a company who respected herself but the only thing we got from them were only lies.Do you remember when mike_g said:
Great news, people! I've been asked to pass the word that there will be a patch for Project: Snowblind PC. The dev team are going to be working on it diligently throughout the month of May. I cannot give you an exact date when it will be released to you, or what specific issues will be addressed yet, but I can tell you that everything you have pointed out to us has been read and considered, and we will do our best to make the game as enjoyable as possible. Our first priority will be to deal with stability issues.
That was a great big lie.I played the game many hours(4th in World Pc stats) but now i don't even have the game on my computer.Hope i was wrong about Eidos and that the next games that will be released will be treated with more care not abandond like Project Snowblind.

5th Jul 2005, 17:32
PUTA ANG INA MO GAGO KANTUTIN MO ANG NANAY MO AT TATAY MO ULOL Flintstone, Snowblind and Eidos RULES :thumbsup: just be patient, rome wasnt built in a day you know :rolleyes:

9th Jul 2005, 05:06
Aris can you please decode what u just said up there>? :eek:
Jay :cool:

9th Jul 2005, 14:04
The Online Dosnt work ! It says the same games the whole day !