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3rd Jul 2005, 23:17
Im playing on hard as the Brits. I decide to wait out and build up my economy, defenses, navy, and public relations with other countries. I start off great, have good tech, great army, and large navy. I ally with Spain, Batvia, and Hanover. Denamrk declares war on Hanover and this is a perfect time to assault denmark for extra land and population. France is beat down to just their main land by all the little nations so should be a cake walk not having to worry about them invading me. Or so i thought.

I send 5 ships to norway, 3 colonels with 4 units each. 3 hussars, 2 cannons, 4 line infantry, and 3 light infantry. Not a bad mix. Speed, fire power, and range for early era. Im in 2nd era but would take to much time to build up a new army. And Denmark is still has 1st era units as well.

Navy battles took forever, seem Denamrk built up a nice navy. Took about 5 turns before i could land in Norway. They have 3 captains with mostly militia here. I position my infantry and cannons on one side of them, and circle my calvary around the back. THey start to advance towards my calvary and i send up my cannons and infantry. Fire a few vollies into them, they change direction and head towards my cannons. Calvary charge!!! At same time i put a few infantry in the buildings there and rip the enemy to shreads. The retreat eventually and i let them go.

Now onto Denmark. They still have 3 stacks of units there and some in the academy. At same time i have another ship off the coast of Norway with fresh troops to hold Norway as i advance into Denamark. Now this is where i get beat so bad i just stopped playing.

Same time im about to invade Denmark, Russia declares war. They own Sweden so you can see the trouble im in already. I go ahead with the invasion of Denmark, but dont drop off extra troops in Norway. Why? So Russia cant invade it and my backside of my army is safe :) Didnt work out so well.

Denmark goes bad, losing my calvary early. But took out 2 of their 3 cannons, and 2 of their 3 calvary units. And got 1 unit of militia down in the 20's.

Now its up to my infantry and cannons. I move forward and start taking heavy fire. My cannons rip into their infantry and had a line infantry unit charge the oncoming calvary to buy time. Shots rang out all over the battle field. Militia swarmed me, calvary took out my infantry and destroyed my cannons. I gave them a good beating but their 1 calvary unit destroyed 2 infantry and 2 cannon units before going down. Was a sad day. I think that i should retreat and save the troops. But i remembered i let Norway revert back to Denmarks control. So i press on. And finaly after hard fighting defeated Denmark.

Next turn take troops off ship and attack Norway. Thinking i could send them to Denmark to take control of their country. But russia hits Norway, Denmark attacks me with 4 militia and 2 infantry. Ive lost my entire army in 3 turns.

Make peace with Russia, send 1 more colonel to Norway from another ship and finaly made Peace with Denmark.

Total loses:
1 captain
4 Colonels
4 Calvary
6 Line Infantry
6 Light Infantry
3 Cannons

All for Norway :( Im not defeated. I will play on. Will just take me a good bit of time to get all those units back. Thank god i decided to go navy first, if not London would be in someone elses hands.

Tell me some of your defeats. I know you have some :)

5th Jul 2005, 18:05
Well written, I could smell death and gun powder.

My worse defeat is a lot shorter than that and was in multiplayer, so is slightly different to your experience.

I always take a mix of all three, usually 2-3 cannon 8 cavelry and the rest crack infantry.
I spend some time setting up the cannon, with calvery postioned behind to stave of the loss of cannon and to slow enemy calvery. Then I usually repostion the cannon to pound infantry and cannon.
But I didn't count on one thing.
All cavelry.
As soon as we started he charged.
2 minutes and 13 seconds later, it was over.

6th Jul 2005, 03:30
man, it sounded like you needed a beer after that one :(

I have never had a defeat like that one but did have a victory almost as bad. After playing France a few times I decided to give Prussia a try (boy what a difference) With the limited money and population of Prussia you have to be real careful and I actually waited until the middle of the second era before I felt confident enough to take out Poland.

Well Austria had been pressuring me the entire game, moving his forces up to my border and everything then around the end of the second era Saxony declared war on me, during the round phase, they got a coalition with both Austria and Russia, suddenly it went from a small border war to a full scale war. I started frantically circling my wagons for what I figured was going to be a major butt kicking on my end when Russia got cold feet and sued for peace. With them out of the picture I decided Austria had just made me mad once too often and attacked his provinces and also destroyed Saxony's army and laid siege. Austria turned around and destroyed my armies in Saxony and on his eastern province, then I in turn destroyed his armies and liberated Hannover, and Helvetian R. and claimed Piedmont.

After the smoke and dust cleared away I owned 3 territories more and reduced Austria to his home province and Ottoman, and Saxony(who started it all) still had his province. In the process however I sent my regiments into a meat grinder and finished the war with an army a third the size I started with and as I said with Prussia and its limited resources, it took another 10 years to replace my losses and commence the grand conquest. THAT is what you call a pyrrhic victory :)

6th Jul 2005, 15:13
Year:1820 Empire:Great Britain

State of play:The map is split roughly 50/50 between me (GB) and Russia i hold the line at Piemont,Helzten and Hanover and i have an indvancing force in Finland.

The Battle:how i've had a few humilating defeats but i always manage to take out lots of enemy in the process this was different,all of Russia's forces are gathered on my european borders and i send attack force into their capital i automated the first battle and won no bother.

Then i had to assualt the city next go they had 3 Jagers and 3 recruits i had quite a large and balanced force anyway i killed the recruits who wondered out of the city the jagers ocupied 3 big building within the city walls i wheeled some horse artilary into the city and they were dead before the could unlimber.

So leaving the rest of my arty and cavlry outside the city i decided i would have to assault with infantry.i had 2 black watch 3 or 4 grenediers and 3 line infantry they all got killed before they could fix baronets my cavlry and artilary were given the order to retreat. :(

6th Jul 2005, 22:52
I automate my sea battles. I never ever ever ever automate my land battles since the time my 3 cannon, 3 infantry and 3 cavelry got wiped out by 2 units of militia!!!! Perhaps they're coffee wasn't decaf????

9th Jul 2005, 03:16
full calvary armies will do nicely on the field. just started a couple of hours ago and i've got austria down. For mother Russia!

9th Jul 2005, 19:20
my worst defaeat was on peidmont when playing my brother iw as storming the hill and got slaghterd, couple of mins i think :confused:

Azharas Knight
9th Jul 2005, 20:15
Prussia - 1791 (sortof, I can't remember)

Well, wasn't really a defeat but I lost quite some territory due to it:

Poland declared war on me and immediatly took Silesia from me. My army countered in force and pretty much wiped their two battalions of militia with my 3 battalions of musketeers and 1 battalion of lancers. So, I'm winning well so I attack Poland immediatly the turn after, everything goes fine again and I win the battle with only losing 10 soldiers and killing 120 in the process. Now Saxony invades, forcing me to retreat most of my troops. I sedure an alliance with Austria, just to be on the safe side and defeat the Saxons in a series of battles.

Now the stupid part comes. Russia invades poland and Austria Saxony, two nations I'm very close to annex. I think: "No problem for me.", now two turns later the nations are annexed but neither one by me. I lost half my army for practically nothing because the invading Russians and Austrians were in larger numbers.

10th Jul 2005, 13:20
Hehe, the only time I ever lose is if I forget to automate my naval battles.
I just can't get to grips with all of the reloading of the cannons, the crappy steering of the ships and anyhting anyway. I always play my land battles myself and mostly it owrks out well for me if I don't just own 6 Militia Units and start to charge infantry... :p