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3rd Jul 2005, 19:40
To start off with I decided that one of my goals in my last game was to fast-track 6 capitaines in France for Marechal. By the end of the second era the only free states were Papa States, 2 Sicilies,Morroco, and Tunisia. England and Russia just had their capitols(I hate subjugating) ;) Prussia had Helvetian R. all of Austria, Moldavia, Poland, and Kiev. I had everything else. I had colonels and generals all over the place and the only reason I hadn't detroyed the rest of the continent yet was because I had 3 field marshals and was just refitting the other generals to get them ready for FM. Once they were ready I finished up and had control of the continent before I finished the second tech in the 3rd era. In other words, I lost the advantage of having the 3rd era elite troops by winning the game early :(

Azharas Knight
3rd Jul 2005, 21:07
Take hard difficulty and play with Prussia, that should make it alot harder. At easy I won with Prussia before I even reached era 3 but now, at hard I'm getting hell and only have a part of Russia and most of Austria and Poland at the end of the second era.

3rd Jul 2005, 23:17
disregard what I mentioned earlier....I do play on hard but had only played England and France...just started a new game with Russia and almost through the first era and can see where I will probably need everything in the third era, that is if I survive that long :eek:

Play as Prussia?...tried that and realized that its only for the masochistic or criminally insane :p

5th Jul 2005, 03:14
I was thinking if someone could make a mod were the Tech Tree is already finished when you begin a campaign. I know it would take out some of the challenge but in some ways the Tech Tree is annoying and does take to long.

Imperius Maxus
5th Jul 2005, 14:57
Revo, I share your frustration with the length of research. I'll offer my observations with research points in the hopes that it may at least speed the research a tad. If you're already aware of what I contribute forgive me; I just want to help as much as I can because it took me a long time to understand how to manage research points to speed research. Here are the short points, from the obvious to the not-so-obvious...

1. Each advancement costs an amount of research points.
2. Your empire produces a fixed amount of research points per turn.
3. The fixed amount per turn depends on several factors:
a. How many schools you have constructed in your capitals
b. Whether you have completed any quests that triple your research point
c. Whether you have elected to exchange any portion of your research
production for gold each turn
4. The number of turns to complete research = Cost of research item (in research points)/ # of points available per turn. I'm pretty sure about this but haven't tested, so you may want to confirm this.

On 3a, the amount also depends on how advanced the school is. As you progress through each era more advanced schools become available (I think ending with a university), and each type of institution increases a percentage of production beyond your base rate.

I'll stop here just in case you knew most of this already. I'll watch for replies and elaborate as requested.


5th Jul 2005, 18:35
Thank you Imperius, for clearing it up a bit. I knew about 1/2 of that the other 1/2 was new to me including how to bump up RP value. :D But i still think a mod would be nice, i can already imagine playing the game taking turns and not having to mess with that menu to learn techs that those nations in RL already knew, it just seems childish to me and above all irriating that you start a new game to learn it all over again.... If not a totally completed tech tree mod then maybe one were all the Diplomatic options are available in the start would be great to! :)

Imperius Maxus
5th Jul 2005, 19:04
Hi Revo, yes; I agree.

Not to perpetuate the continual comparison to the total war series, but one thing I like about Medieval TW is that you can choose which period you want to start in, which could compare to your proposal if IG allowed you to choose an era. The research to that point would automatically be completed.

I like your idea of making all diplomatic options available at the start of the game, but I suggest as maybe an option you could select when you start the campaign. I'd like to retain the "reward" - if you will - of focusing on diplomatic research then employing it before other nations catch up if I was in the mood to endure the churning research engine.