View Full Version : ahem need little help

3rd Jul 2005, 11:01
i'm new to the game. I started as France. Now i always get my ass kicked by spain and england together. There must be many things i do wrong. Is it better in the beginning to not attack anything and just build buildings and units etc? or? how do you guys usually start the game?

3rd Jul 2005, 13:01
you need some cav ASAP in order to ensure you win those battles.

countries will attack you where you appear weak, so man the borders. get some alliances early so anyone attacking you will be faced with other enemies. neighbors that are allies don't attack you either.

oh, and england is good for learning the game. tech up and try to win the quests. you can (almost) ignore your army for a while...

3rd Jul 2005, 19:15
France can be fun....the trick is to bring all your armies to Paris and develop/build as many infantry and cavalry as you can afford. When you do get attacked you can strike back at anyplace in your country and deal with the threat. I have been attacked by all 4 border countries AND England at one time :eek: which can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Just deal with one threat at a time and combine your regiments after battle and pop back into Paris to replace losses each time and you will do great.