View Full Version : Third Era advances, I got stuck!

2nd Jul 2005, 21:37
Hi everybody
I just completed the advances in the Third Era and I am stuck in the Advances Screen. Since there are no more advances I can pursue, the check button is not highlighted and there is no way I can get out of that screen.
Any suggestions, ideas? Thanks

3rd Jul 2005, 12:57
go back and check all the advances screens. sounds like maybe you missed one. check esp, the ones that branch off on their own.

click the eras at the top of the page to go back and forth.

check esp, lighthouses, naval academy, cell(s) and the black market one...

3rd Jul 2005, 13:42
You don't have to research EVERYTHING :) but yeah sounds like something got missed out, check carefully maybe you forgot to research something :thumbsup: