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2nd Jul 2005, 17:58
I just thought i would say hi and ask a few questions at the same time..

I bought the game almost a week ago and barely had time to play sofar thx to wow :(

And then i had to wait 2 days until i got the mail to activate forum account

But im here now!! :)

Now to my questions.. which of the following playable nations do AI handle worst?

Great Britain or Russia?

Will i handicap myself in any way if i concentrate on growing through conquest rather than try to annex nations peacefully?

And now to my last question which is related to my first...Which nations of all the ones that are is the most difficult to beat?

Hope some of you veterans have time to answer the questions :)

Azharas Knight
2nd Jul 2005, 18:47
First I say,w elcome...

Now to answer a bit of your question:

The AI depends. If you annex peacefully, it will cost alot but you'll keep the buildings and troops they built and there's less chance other people will declare war on you(which will happen if you play on Medium and Hard). Military will be fast, cheap but with the above risk. The trick is, as always, to combine this tactic. Mil annex weak nation and peace annex strong neutral nations, try to ally yourself with the nearby strong nations so they can't attack you.

Hope it helped

Lt. Kyuzo
2nd Jul 2005, 20:12
As above lol just wanted to say welcome to the forums, i give it a week before you post on the patch suggestions thread ;)

3rd Jul 2005, 13:12
the ai isn't stagnant in the game. i have seen france get royally stomped early one and also darn near conquer the world.

same wit russia, tho have seen it take more of a stomping than france (cuz austria is usually agressive)

don't know about england, cuz that's what i play! ;)

you definitely need some "friends" to conquer early. allies won't attack you so if someone isn't in the group, target them. keep an eye on your sympathy ratings and don't attack allies of strong factions unless you want war with them also.

try to "be strong, but appear weak", then when someone attacks you, nail 'em and grab as much of their territory as you can. the initiator of hostillities usually suffers in the sympathy ratings.

to peacefully annex, target the nations that have a high sympathy rating to you. it's a waste of $$ to try to annex a country that is more sympathetic to another country. trading and alliances help increase sympathy also (by trading, i mean when you get an offer during that countries turn. NEVER refuse an offer IF you can click NEGOTIATE either.

3rd Jul 2005, 22:31
thx alot for the replies and the warm welcome :)

I got a question more however.. when i get a trade offer.. like x amount of food for x amount of gold.. and i hit negotiate i found that i end up having to pay more gold for the food... design or bug?

4th Jul 2005, 09:04
not sure i've seen that. i've seen the amounts change. are you sure you're reading it right?

my point was that if you hit refuse, your sympathy wit that country takes a hit.

laila luger
4th Jul 2005, 10:02
A great way to expand your empire without making people angry is to start a war against an enemy empire, liberate the countries they have conquered, and then choose not to occupy them. Even if you are unable to defeat the emprire you're battling against, your popularity will boost through out the map.

As France, I built some consulates in remote areas, started a war with Russia, liberated the Moldava, Turkey and a few other non-important states, and found myself controlling the rest of Europe (more or less).

4th Jul 2005, 12:39
LL, i've done that, but get really ticked off when, after doing so, the bloody ingrates end up having a higher sympathy rating to the blokes i saved 'em from. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :mad:

as England, i annex spain, then portugal. then buy up africa, one country at a time. :p

5th Jul 2005, 21:20
thx for the info :)

btw anyone know a which techs and quest is the best to have?

6th Jul 2005, 01:25
tech depends on your nation, inland folks need cav rather quickly, and some generals don't hurt either. to help in all situations, build schools for more tech points.

there's 3 quest i consider the best:
1) gives 3 instant tech upgrades in 3 turns, i per turn

2) another triples tech points for 2 years

3) another triples tech points for 1 year

i forget which each one is but, those i consider the best.

teching up spy and information will allow you to see the board. if your england, tech navies. if low on people or resources, tech the top one.

pro'lly tech trade last, do 1 level, then concentrate on the other stuff...

6th Jul 2005, 13:02
ok sounds nice.. you wouldent happen to know a place where i can see what the different quests do? hmm nah i guess ill find that out sometime..

I think ill be Great Britain because i guess i wont need an army at home if i got a big fleet right?

I read something about taking Portugal first.. but i got decent relation to them.. but bad relations to Denmark and Spain.. shouldent i just take one of those 2 and try and annex Portugal peacefully?

5/77 Armd
6th Jul 2005, 13:31
As Great Britain I've never left an army in my capital. My navy protects my coastline from any potential invader. As long as you have a navy with at least 3-4 sloops, you should be safe.

Portugal is a given for Great Britain. Don't invade it, as long as you build a consulate and maybe a newspaper office and liberate a country or two, it's yours. I've played several games now (using each country) but I've played Great Britain three times and the only neutral country I've taken militarily has been Morrocco. I continually liberate neutral countries and the neutrals are literally giving their countries to me left and right. It slows down the game a bit this way, but that's the way I like it. When I declare war on a nation, it's to liberate a neutral country. By playing this way, the game gets extended and I can actually use my 3rd Era troops instead of having the game end too early.

What I really like doing is creating a subversion cell in a rival's neutral territory and watching him get kicked out. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries though.

6th Jul 2005, 14:50
I use a very similar tactic it makes the game last alot longer its a good idea to build resistence cells at the same time sometimes 2 or 3 at a time and when they rise up use this opertunity to attack an enemy weak point.

7th Jul 2005, 00:01
as Britain, if you concentrat on annexing portugal you'll pro'lly miss out on spain. you practically can't not annex portugal, so i recommend taking spain first, before the french do.

7th Jul 2005, 00:40
I just tried in a Hard game.. might been to soon thou.. but Denmark and Boldavia declared war just as i moved my fleet and army towards spain :(

I should prob. start out playing on easy or medium.. just thought i would se how hard it would be..

So you think i should take spain and work on peacefully annex Portugal?

wont it be hard to keep the french from attacking my spain provinces?

Afterall it takes me some time to move troops there and takes time to build troops in spain right?

it was just around me entering Era 2 that i started attacking spain... to soon? to late?

Could someone tell me why i cant improve relations with Portugal? i first tried paying them 1000g.. the rejected and my relation dropped, then next turn i tried paying them 2000g and yet again the rejected.. i was at 55 and i got a alliance with them

7th Jul 2005, 01:24
sorry, my dog came begging for affection while i was posting.

i meant to say, peacefully annex spain. do your best to keep your alliance with her. if you don't have the cash, make sure you do it the next year. that alliance makes the french think twice about starting a war. (and when you annex it, you get some troops!, but soon after, get a colonel with some pure brit troops down there. portugal becomes yours shortly after, so you can send all of those troops to spain if you got some navy in the deal. and you usually do!)

it's a real race with france to annex it. you start out like 1 sympathy point apart. if you ignore it, france takes it either way.

that increase sympathy stuff is bullocks! 35,000 is the cheapest i got it and if you don't up the offer later and they refuse, sympathy goes down! check your stats and see what they have that can be bought. offer 2.5 or 3X as much as the thing says it's worth for like 444 units. you get a symapthy boost for a done deal! don't bother bartering though. if they say thanks, but no thanks, give it up. cuz if you offer until they refuse, you lose more sympathy points!

build your school early cuz france has more research points! try to win the free hospitals, the wood shops and the 3 sloop quests. do the bottom and the top 2 lines in the tech tree first! the bottom one helps you "see" countries so you can set up trade links.

let russia or france have the quest that feeds you troops for a year as it's pretty insignificant. but try to get all the others. leave the blockade one alone unless you're at war with someone.

that's why you need to "see" the other countries. it's VERY important to get sea routes with venice, athens and egypt and a land route to sweden. those 'll give a MAJOR tech boost!

if you get low on cash, once you have spain and portugal, you can disband a few of the potugese militia for money and resources.

er, that's a little all over the place, but it should help. :o

5/77 Armd
7th Jul 2005, 01:29
I don't mind at all if France takes out Spain. In fact I always hope they do (when I have Portugal that is), because then I invade, liberate Spain and France can't get at me because I'm behind a sovereign nation and the English Channel. Plus my sympathy rises everywhere.

Nice summary Prince Myshkin. I agree, I always ignore the free food for a year: it's worthless! The first two quests I concentrate on are always the hospitals then the lumber mills. Watch out! You have to be real fast because Russia likes to get the Railroad Quest.

7th Jul 2005, 01:48
thx alot for the input :)

any idea around what time i should be able to have spain annexed if i start out with her?

during Era 1 or 2 or what? :)

So what i do is that for improving relations i buy food or resources from the nation i want to annex rather than use the "improve relation" option??

because trying to pay 2000g and no getting anywhere seem a bit silly :(

also its ok to build those annex related buildings rather late right?

for the consulate which give 5 % releations i should get more out of if i build it when my relations is like 60 rather than 50 right?

btw do trade branches transform into those internal trade ones after i taken over a capital i built the trade branch in? or is the building just lost until someone free the nation from me?

7th Jul 2005, 08:16
build annex buildings late, NO! in portugal, you can wait cuz yer sympathy rating is so much higher than anyone else, but spain needs whatever you can do. even tho consulate is only 5 points, you need it to build the rest. france will be a war shortly and concentrating on taking that province to it's immediate NW.that means that the military techs are more important to it than some of the others. newspaper spain ASAP! the cultural center usually puts you over the top, but only if you've done stuff to increase your symp ratings. i build the consulate in spain ASAP, then concentrate on the hospital and saw mill quest, which basically means don't spend ANY money untill you get them. (besides, as england you would be building saw mills and hospitals cuz you need people and resources. just wait and get them for free!) if you do that AND you've built the school, it's just a few months after Era 2 that you get spain. yer still up on symp points by AT LEAST 15 in portugal anyway.

yes on the improve relation thing, BUT they just might cost around 2,000. heh, but that's a whole lot cheaper than 35,000!!!

and i forgot to add constantinople as a port that you need asap.

i think you're correct on the trade bureau, but that is why you need to build the internal trade network. it's a combo of the bottom 2 tech trees.

7th Jul 2005, 10:06
in my current game i got portugal up to 64 sofar and i got spain up to 51 i think.. but then all of a sudden from one turn to another my relations with Spain dropped to 39!!! theres 2 empires that got 46 relations with spain and i got an alliance with spain.. how did this happen?? from 51 to 39 in 1 turn?

Did it happen because another empire improved their relation with Spain in that turn? If thats the case i wonder how it can be worth trying to peacefully annex because 1 turn and dropping 12 points seem a bit harsh..

Also i built the internal trade building in England.. and the turn before i built it as well as the same turn i built it my income was 1046... But the turn after i built it the income was still 1046! but i was supposed to make 53 more income on it unless im misunderstanding it all...

But that does not bother me as much as spain dropping from 51 to 39 in a single turn...

btw am i doing enough relations wise when all i basicly do is getting alliance with Portugal and spain every 12 turns.. and ofcourse buy the goods they offer to sell (which they havent done yet) ?

7th Jul 2005, 13:00
not sure dude, but it sounds like war somewhere.

one thing that helps to keep track of is the alliance table in the bulletin thingy (next to the quest thingy). what happens is that someone you have an alliance with goes to war. you get sucked in, but as britain you don't need tp ACTUALLY get invovled. so you ignore it. then, the 2 countries fighting make peace, but you don't! cuz you're ignoring it. even though you never fought a battle, you're still TECHNICALY at war. that could be one thing. check the finacial screen to see if you lost some routs. if someone's cap is being taken over (the big 5), no trade comes out of it.

i've also notice that it's alot easier for the ai to "improve relations", their money is better than ours, i guess. (like i posted about liberating someone, then they go and get peacefully annexed by the same mooks i liberated them from :confused: )

7th Jul 2005, 21:52
must be war and peace yes.. makes sense now.. atleast i see the pattern..

Btw have you all noticed how bad France plays?

in my game France attacked a minor nation pretty fast, won but ofcourse couldent annex..

Then spain attack france and takes 1 province and then get peace... then another and then peace...

after that france kept doing some random attacks for a few years.. but lost everytime.. or atleast dident gain provinces..

This was on Hard difficulty btw

So i just tried starting a new game just to see if France plays different.. still hard difficulty...

France again attacked same minor nation and won, and then spain invaded and got a province from france after which spain got peace with france..

the peace dident last long thou and france tried reclaiming the lost province but was beaten..

I see a pattern here... :(

I know france might be in a difficult situation with Great britain nearby and a hostile spain next door.. but even i can play better than the AI plays France..

infact my very first test run of a game was as france and i handled myself way better than i seen the ai handle france sofar..

Im guessing the AI is not so smart when it comes to handling nations that find themselves in war early?
because Great britain seem to do fine. Maybe because they cant really attack right away?

8th Jul 2005, 00:09
try a game on medium, france will either do as above or it will kick some serious butt!

8th Jul 2005, 00:35
hmm so on medium France actually know a little about how to play? but on hard not? sounds weird.. :)

I must admit... i liked playing Great Britain because they live on that island and i like being cut off from anyone.. but seeing how poorly France is doing im not sure i can pass up a chance to try France and see if i can do better in the long run than they did...

But sofar i dont really like that i cant get hospital quest and saw mill quest.. as i need to build up an army.. i tried going for the 2 quests, and was able to also build 1 little puny infantry,but was not enough :(

So i think i found the road as france sofar.. first i build Military academy and research Food preservation, then i research Basic infantry and build Rations warehouse, then i research Vaccinations and build Basic barracs, then i build 3 or 4 infantry (the ones decent at both melee and ranged) then i finish the hospital quest (after a few turns of building up pop) then i build another 1-2 army(s) leaving me with 3 captains with 3 units each.. sounds decent enough?
Not sure if the lack of trade routes or that i dident get hospital quest as fast as i could, will hurt me in the long run.. dont think i could get the quest sooner without getting into a war i would loose

8th Jul 2005, 01:54
someone lese posted that the smaller nations aren't as aggressive on medium, thus giving france a chance. it can still go either way, though...

my 1st couple games on med, austria kicked butt, as in easy. so i assumed all was well and i could modify my original plan and not worry about much. boom france pwned all of europe while i was trying to get spain... :eek:

now, russia is taking her turn. played similar to austria, but i've got a game going now and russia is just a vicious little tyke! somehow i got morocco before france, sypmathy ratings were real high ended up with alot of the small countries as alliances. annexed piedmont, lombardy and helvetia. france was down to 3 provinces plus norway & sweden. austria had it's cap left and russia owns the rest.

something i did ruffled russia. after widdling down france and getting peace, russia keeps paying france for a coalition against me! being lazy, i autoresolved a few battles. won the battles, but i'm almost out of troops!

to get the quests as the brits, build a school, trade thing in france and a consulate in spain. then try not to spend a penny!

if you're gonna play france, you NEED cav!

8th Jul 2005, 09:01
hehe nice... in my GB game Russia owned all of east europe and that was on hard as well.. so guess your right that it can go either way.. or its because russie have less war happy nations close?

I would have played Russia if i was confident that i could do with russia as i did with GB.. concentrating on research and quests for a while.. :)

but think i need to consider what i would like.. a game with less war in the beginning or a game with some wars in the beginning.. France sure seem like the right one for the latter, and GB seem to be great for starting out without wars.

Only reason i have my eye on france atm is that as GB i was so sad to see france get owned by Spain and Helvetian Republic

When trying france i was quite surprised to see Helvetian Republic declare war on me before spain.. i got like 35 relations with spain and 41 with Helvetian Republic..

btw whats up with the relations? As GB at the beginning my relations with spain was 35 if i remember correctly and not sure what france had as they got in war early.. but as France my relations with Spain start at 35 and GBs relation with spain is at 49!!
but when i was GB i had only 35... dont make much sense unless the AI gets some extra relations points because its hard difficulty? anyone knows?

8th Jul 2005, 15:15
on anything but easy, you will have to concentrate on offense/defense if you play on the continent.

what makes frnce cool is the research points for paris and your neighbors, east and n/e are 1 country areas all with research points!

prussia actually looks like a good defensive sit, as it is sperated from the rest of the big5, but i haven't tried them.

and i do think the ai has it easier than the human for sympathy points. least on med and hard. but i'm staying away from hard for awhile. as russia i got pwned real quick like!