View Full Version : how do i actualy take a country!

2nd Jul 2005, 15:53
i have been playing the game for a few hours and have finaly decided to invade somewhere (sweden to be exact) but now im very confused! i had to get a right of passage pact with denmark to even got to sweden, when i did i ended up fighting 2 battles with 2 armies (4 battles in total) all of which i won, as soon as the last battle ended though it said, you are in prussian territory! you have to get out before your right of passage runs out! WTF! prussia took denmark while i was fighting in it whats going on! i thought you just had to wipe out all resistance to take a country, i did than and it got given to prussia! im not at all happy. now im stuck with 2 armies in denmark which now is in fact prussia, with no way of getting them out in a single turn like they want so i will have to fight prussia now, which will bring a load of alliances in and i will get completely battered! what did i do wrong, how am i meant to take the country! :mad: :mad: :mad:

2nd Jul 2005, 23:40
come on does no-one know this, its the whole basis of the game isnt it! :confused:

3rd Jul 2005, 07:31
Your post is slightly confusing you don't mention which nation you are :confused:
And its probable that Prussia peacefully anexed sweden while you were invading.
Also i found fighting in the first era is usually bad for your empire expand though peaceful means till you have a strong empire :thumbsup:

3rd Jul 2005, 11:31
thanks for the reply.

im playing as britain. its pretty stupid a nation can be annexed while another country in in the process of invading it, it ruins the whole idea of the game! im not in the first era btw im JUST in the second era, i just thought sweden was a soft touch, they only had about 6 units and no alliances, i figured it was a sortta practice invasion lol.

so if destroying all their armies wont win me the country what do i have to do though?

3rd Jul 2005, 11:47
Same thing happened to me, Prussia did indeed peacefully annex it. Always right click on a country and see the status of sympathy before you inavde it. I lost 287 men for nothing.

3rd Jul 2005, 21:58
all is well, i have loaded an older save and no problems, unfortuantly i still managed to screw up but at least it was my fault :o